Koji Fujii







     Major posts held:
     Associate Professor at Ryukoku University




Comparative Public Policy (Seminar)
The aim of this seminar is to become familiar with many different kinds of research relating to policy in each sector, such as theoretical research, empirical analysis, case studies systems analysis, and historical studies, whilst having an analytical perception of comparative and regional studies. It will be ideal if the students who participate in this seminar will, for their own areas of interest, determine an individual area of policy to study, and decide on their own research method and approach.
This seminar will not only include international comparisons and regional studies, but also comparison and studies of domestic local governments and research into regions in industrialized states. The course will proceed based mainly on research reports from the students.

Case Study (Public Policy: Issues/Agenda/Alternatives)
This class will trace the phases including constitution of the logic required in establishing policies, recognition of issues, clarification of challenges, establishment of policy objectives, comparative analysis of options, estimation of political feasibility, decision of policy drafts in a recapitulative manner and from the perception as to what kind of policy selection can be made for the approved policies and prospective policies in the instance where such policies are drawn up at the boundary area.
Upon tracing such phases, the class invites lecturers from among individuals in charge of policies from the national/regional governments to analyze the example policies and to examine alternative policies in a group discussion setting where the lecturers and students interact.

Policy Making Workshop
This workshop seeks to better understand the processes and methods of policy making in the municipal administration by focusing on the municipal policies in Japan and comparing the policies from different municipalities and studying the example cases of most progressive practices.
The workshop is offered in the form of intensive seminar comprising of preliminary lectures and seminars at a seminar house. The preliminary lectures will provide information on why policy making is necessary in the municipal administration and challenges against the policies to be encountered, and then examine the actual processes of policy making with the inclusion of case studies while exploring the prospect in restructuring of the municipal administration. The students of the workshop will study their subjects in a debate and/or
group work settings.

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