Dr. Koichiro Agata







     Major posts held:



Public Administration (Seminar)
How should public management be in the future while attaining well-balanced equity and efficiency at the same time? This seminar will explore the answer to that question by analysing developments to date in public policy fields and discussing future prospects.
The class will, based on the students’individual thematic interest towards their master thesis, instruct them so that they would be able to make practical policy recommendation. By cultivating policy making abilities such as identifying problems, articulating arguments, collecting required data, constituting an adequate policy logic for problem solutions, establishing policy recommendation by integrating logic and data, we would like to see a pragmatic master thesis being completed.

Electronic-Government and Info-Communications
The objective of the class is to discuss the way electronic-government (e-government) should be as it develops in today’s society pursuant to its actual status. We would especially like to focus on the status of the info-communications field that promoted progress in the development of e-government.
Inviting various policy makers from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications and other organizations as lecturers, we will structure discussion groups with established themes in which students will be encouraged to present practical policy recommendations.


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