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The School of Political Science and Economics (SPSE) started as early as Meiji 15 (1882), as a pioneering department of the Tokyo Senmon Gakko, the school that went on to become Waseda University, founded by Shigenobu Okuma.
The lofty ideals which led Shigenobu Okuma to found the University were shared by the eminent scholars Azusa Ono, Sanae Takata, and Tameyuki Amano. Azusa Ono had studied political science in England, while Sanae Takata was a political scientist well versed in English and American politics and culture. For his part, Tameyuki Amano was an outstanding economist, greatly influenced by English and American ideas. It is no wonder that the School of Political Science and Economics, pioneered by such outstanding scholars, has occupied a central position at Waseda University ever since its establishment.


Is the “cash payout plan” the most effective solution for stimulating the economy?
Financial instability triggered by the subprime-mortgage problem due to the decline in housing prices in the Unites State has drastically increased since the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers last September.
Professor at Faculty of Political Science and Economics, Waseda University

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