Program for Promoting the Enhancement of Research Universities, MEXT: Waseda University Research Enhancement Head Office

Research Promotion Strategy

«Menu A» Initiatives for securing and utilizing research management personnel

A total of thirteen University Research Administrators (URAs), eight of which are newly employed for this Program, will be assigned to the four groups of Collection and Analysis of Information, Creation of Large-Scale Projects, Establishment of Research Centers, and Outreach Activities. These four groups will collaborate as URAs working together to apply the findings from information collection and analysis for creating large-scale projects and establishing research centers, and then conducting outreach activities to raise the presence of these centers. These initiatives will also lead to the creation of the next large-scale project, thus realizing a spiral of growth in research activities.

Initiatives for securing and utilizing research management personnel

«Menu B» Other Reforms of the Research Environment

The objectives of this Program are promoting self-sustaining research and establishing our position as an international research university.
Self-sustaining research refers to utilizing external funding to realize a self-sustaining system for promoting research. Additionally, the international research university we envision is one that can be a part of an international exchange of intellectuals by fostering a group of researchers capable of working worldwide.
To this end, we have set forth the following three policies of organization of research, research-oriented development, and promotion of internationalization, and are pushing ahead with our reforms of the research environment.

1) Organization of research: Enhancing and strengthening team/organization-based research

  • Inviting eminent foreign researchers to supervise teams of young researchers
  • Offering an international standard of compensation for these invited researchers and enhancing the assistance provided during their residence, such as preparing adequate accommodation etc.
  • Hiring more post-award personnel (budget implementation management)
  • Creating databases and analysis tools

2) Research-oriented development: New challenges in fields linked to social issues

  • Preparing a personnel system to encourage participation by researchers from private companies (researcher system)
  • Strengthening the motivation for both doctoral and post-doctoral students to participate in research connected with social issues
  • Programs for producing a steady stream of doctoral and post-doctoral students prepared for real-world environments (assigning consulting teaching staff, etc.)
  • Preparing an environment that makes effective use of existing space, implementing sophisticated security measures, and segmenting workspaces
  • Hiring more administrative staff (for receiving new researchers and assisting URAs )
  • Hiring more post-award personnel (outreach activities, intellectual property, legal affairs)

3) Promotion of internationalization: Further facilitation of international collaborative research and employment of international personnel

  • Hiring more staff for running overseas centers
  • Taking measures to ensure dedicated research time (reducing teaching hours, assigning part-time lecturers, etc.)
  • Preparing an environment for facilitating research abroad, holding remote conferences and hosting research events
  • Making information on recruitment and research management available in English