Program for Promoting the Enhancement of Research Universities, MEXT: Waseda University Research Enhancement Head Office

Outline of the Head Office

Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, “Program for Promoting the Enhancement of Research Universities” Waseda University
Promoting Self-sustaining Research and Establishing Our Position as an International Research University

Waseda University is steadfastly carrying out initiatives for enhancing research capabilities, based on the newly formulated mid-to-long term plan “Waseda Vision 150”. Through this, we will develop a staff of world-competitive researchers and promote practical studies that are linked to social issues. Accordingly, we will focus on establishing our position as an international research university by strengthening the research promotion system and accelerating development and reform of the research environment. Also, we will utilize this Program and build a scheme to realize a self-sustaining system for promoting research.

Based on analysis of the current situation, Waseda University will further boost areas that are relatively advanced compared to other universities, such as internationalization, international collaborative research, and research fields in which we have clear advantages. Meanwhile, we will use composite measures to overcome our weaknesses (research scale, age composition of teaching staff, etc.). With this basic approach, we will enhance our research capabilities in accordance with the three policies outlined below.

So as to facilitate these initiatives based on the three policies, we will appropriately assign University Research Administrators (URAs) and utilize their skills to make research promotion work more efficient and sophisticated. The URA network will be comprised of four groups within the Center for Research Strategy, who will be involved in work for assisting the promotion of research strategies, arranging pre-awards and other related tasks.

For the overall reform of teaching and research, Waseda University will clarify the roles of teaching and administrative staff and make clear the evaluation criteria for teaching staff, as well as reform other systems in place and evaluate and publicize various activities of teaching and administrative staff. Through these and other initiatives, we will restructure the remuneration system such as adopting skill-based compensation and introducing a teaching and administrative staff personnel appraisal system to encourage a suitable level of competition.

1) Organization of research: Enhancing and strengthening team/organization-based research

We will promote the collaborative research activities of multidiscipline researchers primarily in research fields where we have clear advantages, and raise their presence as a group. Our aim is to create a competitive environment with a concentration of highly productive and innovative researchers from a broad age group.

2) Research-oriented development: New challenges in fields linked to social issues

Waseda University will take on the challenge of large-scale research (research connected with social issues) linked to the future of society. We will unearth fundamental problems prevalent in society, and endeavor to resolve these complex issues by organizing a multi-skill research team from within and outside the University. To this end, we will put in place a personnel system to encourage participation by researchers from domestic and international companies and independent administrative organizations, etc., as well as strengthening the motivation for both doctoral and post-doctoral students to participate in research connected with social issues. We will also work towards producing a succession of students with practical knowledge.

3) Promotion of internationalization: Further facilitation of international collaborative research and employment of international personnel

We will prepare incentives for further facilitating international collaborative research, and establish a double appointment system and new sabbatical leave system to promote strategic research abroad. A support network and various mechanisms will also be developed to enable foreign researchers to easily participate in team-based research.