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Research Enhancement Seminar
How to Publish Your Articles/Books? Advice from Cambridge University Press


We are pleased to announce that the research enhancement seminar“How to Publish Your Articles/Books? Advice from Cambridge University Press” will be held on 4th December 2017, as part of the MEXT Program for Promoting the Enhancement of Research Universities.

It will be a great opportunity to receive expert advice. Please come and join us.







How to Publish Your Articles/Books? Advice from Cambridge University Press

· What publishers look for in good publication?
· What is the publication process & selection?
· How peer reviews are conducted?

Date: Monday, 4 December, 2017    13:00~14:30 (Reception starts at 12:30)

Venue: ※The venue has been changed.
Classroom704 (7th floor, building 3, Waseda Campus, Waseda University)

Language: English

Target Audience: Waseda Faculty and doctoral/graduate students 

Free of charge (60 participants on a first-come, first-served basis)

Please register via URL below.

Inquiries: Secretariat of the Waseda University Research Enhancement Head Office
E-mail: kenki-s[at]

Organised by: Waseda University Research Enhancement Head Office・International Office, International Affairs Division
Suppred by: Cambridge University Press


・Chris Harrison
Publishing Development Director (Humanities and Social Sciences), Cambridge University Press
Chris Harrison is Publishing Development Director for the global humanities and social science book
publishing programme at Cambridge University Press where he has worked since 1999, first as economics
editor before becoming manager of the social science publishing. The Cambridge social science publishing
programme covers economics, management, political science, sociology, psychology, modern history,
linguistics and law. The Cambridge humanities publishing programme covers literature, theatre and music,
philosophy, classical studies, religious studies and archaeology. As economics editor Chris has worked with
many leading economists from North America, Europe and Asia.
Chris studied History at Cambridge University and then gained a PhD in African History from University of
London’s School of Oriental & African Studies. His publications include: France and Islam in West Africa, 1860–1960 (1988) which was
published in CUP’s African Studies series and “Politics, Peer Review and Pluralism” published in the journal Environmental Science &
Policy (2004) and was based on a presentation to the American Association for Advancement of Science on politics and
scientific controversies.

・Joe Ng
Acquisitions Editor (Social Sciences), Asia, Cambridge University Press
Joe Ng acquires content for learning and research across the Social Sciences, primarily in law, economics,
business and management. He welcome proposals for academic publications (scholarly works, handbooks,
graduate textbooks) that have a strong focus on Asia, either comparatively or at the country/regional level.
Proposals for the Cambridge Studies in Comparative Public Policy series can be sent to him while those for
the Cambridge Elements in Public Policy can be sent to He has
worked in publishing since 2004 and is a Masters graduate (Information Studies) of Nanyang Technological
University and has a civil engineering degree from the National University of Singapore. He is based in
Singapore with responsibility for authors based in East Asia and ASEAN.


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