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【Kitakyushu】Information on the Seminar “How to create oral and poster presentations for international meetings” to be held on November 14, 2016


This free seminar focuses on how to design and deliver effective presentations at international meetings. The lecture on essentials for creating slides will be followed by actual presentations and small group activity to revise the PPT. It will be a great opportunity to receive expert advice.


Date        13:30-16:45, 14th of November, 2016
Venue        S104, Kitakyushu Campus
                            Campus Map
Language       English
Target         Waseda faculty and Doctoral student
Capacity       10-15

■Seminar’s Contents

1. Lecture (40 min):
You will learn how to plan before you write—understand expectations, read and follow instructions and write an outline; design and present a poster—follow the 6-feet rule, use readable font sizes, keep it simple and elegant, use clean design and direct language, and use tools of the trade; and create slides and deliver a talk—consider your audience, use the 1/7/7 rule, include only readable text, use and outline to create slides, and write a script.

2. Presentations by 2 participants (40 min total): 10 min per speaker, 10-min feedback/each:
The talks will be shortened versions of presentations created for a past meeting or an excerpt from a presentation that is currently being drafted. Presenters should bring slides for a 10-min presentation and instructions from the academic meeting (past or future). If there is no plan to give a talk at a future meeting, select any meeting where you might possibly present, for practice. Note: Presentations may extend to 15 minutes, but after that, the presenter will be requested to stop.

3. Small group activity (50 min): Group members help presenters revise the PPT:
The group should use tips provided in the lecture.
Ms. Nishikawa circulates, listens to the conversations, and provides feedback.

4. Revised presentations by 2 participants (40 min total): 15 min per speaker, 5-min feedback/each:
Presenters return and show any design or organization changes.
Instructor gives brief comments on improvements that were made.

5. Q&A and final remarks (10 min)

Mary Nishikawa, MA, Biochemistry; ELS (Board Certified Editor in the Life Sciences) Editage Customer Education Specialist, Cactus Communications K. K.

 Mary Nishikawa worked as a researcher at the Pharmaceutical company,
 Hoffmann-La Roche where she developed medication for AIDS. After
 transferred to Japan branch of the company, she had been in charge of
 document reviews and English training for Japanese employees over 10
 Then, she had worked as medical writer at the Medical Tribune.
 With long experience in working with Japanese researchers and deep
 knowledge of the subject fields, her seminar is very popular among
 researchers in Japan. She has JLPT N2.

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◆ Registration deadline: October 31, 2016 (Mon.), 17:00
◆ Registration method: Please click the Seminar Registration Form below and fill in the necessary information.

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Organizer: Waseda University Research Enhancement Head Office, International Affairs Division, International Office
Inquiries: Secretariat of the Waseda University Research Enhancement Head Office
Cooperating company: Cactus Communications K. K.


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