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【Tokorozawa】Information on the Seminar “An Introduction to Writing Effective Academic/Research Papers with a Focus on Practical Writing Exercises” to be held on October 27, 2016

This free seminar is an introductory course to writing effective academic/research papers in English. The workshop contents include exercises and Q&A sessions. It will be a great learning opportunity not to be missed.

[Overview of seminar]

◆Date & Venue:October 27 (Thursday) 13:30~16:30
Conference Room 1, 5th Floor, Building 100, Tokorozawa Campus

◆Target participants: Waseda Faculty and Doctoral students

 *Cost: Free

◆Language: English

◆Research Field: Humanities, Social Sciences and Science & Engineering

◆Seminar's contents

1. Characteristics of academic writing

2. Style guides and academic writing resources

3. Ensuring readability through good logical flow
(i)Topic(focus) sentences
(ii) 'Signpost' phrases
(iii) Transition words:examples in 7 categories

4. Avoiding plagiarism when citing others:
(i)Verbatim quotes

5.Short writing exercises

6.Summary and Q&A
Lecturer will be available to answer individual questions for 30-min after the session.

Ms.Caryn Jones

Caryn Jones is President of ThinkSCIENCE, a company that
specializes in preparing top quality research papers, conference
government reports. For almost 15 years she has helped authors in
Japan and overseas to present and publish their work internationally.
Her global team of specialist writers upgrades thousands of
manuscripts every year, including conference presentations and key
note speeches. Caryn provides presentation coaching to individual
researchers as well as to groups of researchers in the form of
seminars, workshops, and semester courses. All of her training is
practically based, as she believes this is the most effective way for
participants to immediately apply what they learn in the seminars to
strengthen their individual presentation, Q&A, and networking skills.

  [Registration information]

◆ Registration deadline: October 21, 2016 (Fri.), 12:00
◆ Registration method: Please click the Seminar Registration Form below and fill in the necessary information.

【Seminar Registration Form 】

Organizer: Waseda University Research Enhancement Head Office, International Affairs Division, International Office
Inquiries: Secretariat of the Waseda University Research Enhancement Head Office
Cooperating company Think SCIENCE


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