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Information on the Seminar “Writing Effective Academic Papers: Workshops for Researchers in Material Sciences ” to be held on September 11, 2015

These writing workshops are targeted to researchers in Material Sciences.
This seminar helps attendees understand how to best share their research with others in their field through
journal publication. By discussing how to evaluate their own work and then match the impact and scope of
their findings with the appropriate journal, they can ensure they are targeting the right audience.
Effectively communicating the significance and relevance of the study with the journal editor, as well as the revisions made after peer review, will help increase one’s chances of acceptance.
This seminar will include interactive activities to help attendees understand how to properly navigate through
the journal submission process.

[Overview of seminar]

◆Date & Venue:September 11 (Friday) 9:30~16:30 Nishi-Waseda Campus # 51 Building 3rd floor, room 5 
*Also simulcast live at the Kita Kyushu Campus room S104
※Networking Lunch session will be held from 12:30 -13:30 at Waseda Campus.
※Lunch will be offered at Waseda Campus.
Waseda Campus map.- here

◆Target participants: Waseda full-time teaching staff and graduate students (Master Course and above)

 *Cost: Free

◆Language: English

◆Seminar details (scheduled)

1. Seminar series goals

2. Professional writing skills

3. Effective writing

4. Choosing an appropriate journal

5. Methods, Results, and Figures

6. Discussions and Introductions
7. Titles and Abstracts8. Cover letters9. Peer review and revising your manuscript10. Next Steps

Dr Andrew Jackson:Edanz Senior Editor

  Andrew Jackson is an internationally trained chemist with academic and
 industrial experience inmaterials science.
 At Oxford University, he focused on the mechanisms of C-H bond activation and
 organometallic catalysis,which allowed him to also do research at Kyoto University.
 After working in industry developing novel methods for synthesizing reagents,
  Andrew entered the doctoral program at the University of Queensland studying
  at the Centre for Organic Photonics and Electronics (COPE).
  Andrew joined Edanz in 2013 as a Senior Editor based in the Fukuoka office.

◆講師Dr Kate Harris:Edanz Senior Editor

  Dr Harris has a PhD and postdoctoral research experience in supramolecular
 and co-ordination chemistry. She has specific knowledge of NMR spectroscopy,
 n particular of diffusion techniques and the measurement and analysis of NMR spectra
 of paramagnetic compounds.
 She has also worked as a freelance language editor for manuscripts written by non-native
 English-speaking authors, including those accepted for publication by ChemPhysChem.
 Dr Harris joined the Edanz Group as an in-house Senior Editor in December 2014 and
  is based in the Fukuoka office.

  [Registration information]

◆ Registration deadline: September 4, 2015 Fri.), 17:00
◆ Registration method:Fill in the Seminar Application Form Please fill in the following information on the portal form, and submit it by September 4th (Friday).
1. Name, 2. Affiliation, 3. Qualifications, 4. E-mail address, 5. Number of English paper submissions with peer reviews attached, 6. Events you wish to attend
※Other: An overview of the seminar will be published later on the Course Navi site.

【Seminar Application Form 】
Organizer: Waseda University Research Enhancement Head Office, International Affairs Division, International Office
Inquiries: Secretariat of the Waseda University Research Enhancement Head Office
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