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Information on the Seminar “Writing effective grants: Increasing your chances to obtain funding for your research ” to be held on June 29, 2015


This seminar on The Ethics of Publishing and Tips for Researchers is a part of the Waseda University Skill Up Series for Presenting International Research (10 seminars held over one year).
As different subjects face unique challenges when applying for grants, this seminar will be focused on a general field (life sciences, physical sciences, or social sciences). It will cover identifying the topics in the field that are most fundable and the availability of Japanese grants (e.g JSPS, JST, Mitsubishi Foundation, Konosuke Matsushita Memorial Foundation, etc.) It will also discuss how to effectively communicate the research design to the funding agency, and then how to further communicate the research progress Konosuke Matsushita Memorial Foundation, etc.) It will also discuss how to effectively communicate the with the funders after receiving the grant. The content will be more relevant for advanced researchers who are currently seeking to obtain funding. Interactive slides will help attendees understand the principles and tips being presented. Although this will be discussing how to write a grant in English, the information necessary to communicate to the funding agency for a successful grant application is useful across languages including Japanese.

[Overview of seminar]

◆Saturday June 29 (Monday) 13:30~16:30 Room 05(2nd floor), Building 63, Nishi-Waseda Campus
*Also simulcast live at the Waseda Tokorozawa Campus and Kita Kyushu Campus

◆Venue: Multipurpose Room, Basement of Building 26, Waseda Campus,
*Also simulcast live at the Waseda Tokorozawa Campus and Kita Kyushu Campus
Waseda Campus map.- here

◆ Venue for live simulcast: Tokorozawa Campus: Meeting Room 1, 5F of Building 100
 Kita Kyushu Campus: Classroom S104
 *Participants at the live simulcast venues can also ask questions to the lecturer.

◆Language: English
◆Target participants: Waseda full-time teaching staff and PhD students

◆Seminar details (scheduled)

*The seminar will be conducted all in English.

•Identifying an important problems and relevant objectives
• Determining which grant is most suitable for one’s research
• Logically organizing a research plan
• Increasing the chances of renewal after receiving a grant
• Q&A


◆Lecturer:Dr Trevor Lane :Senior Editor at Edanz Group

Dr Lane has a broad background in the biomedical sciences, having graduated with an MA in Biochemistry and Chemical Pharmacology and a PhD in the molecular and cellular biology of cancer from the University of Oxford. He has since served in a variety of editorial roles in academic, research, and publishing institutions. He has worked as managing editor of several general and specialist medical journals based in Asia and senior editor of two social science journals based in the United States. Most recently, he taught science research communication at the Faculty of Dentistry, University of Hong Kong. Dr Lane is a member of the World Association of Medical Editors and the Committee on Publication Ethics. He also holds a Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages from Trinity College London and a Postgraduate Certificate in English Language Teaching from the University of Reading. He joined the Edanz Group as a Senior Editor in the Fukuoka office in April 2015.


  [Registration information]

◆ Registration deadline: june 22, 2015 (Mon),
◆ Registration method:Fill in the Seminar Application Form Please fill in the following information on
the portal form, and submit it by june 22 (Monday).
1. Name, 2. Affiliation, 3. Qualifications, 4. E-mail address, 5. Number of English paper submissions
with peer reviews attached, 6. Events you wish to attend
※Other: An overview of the seminar will be published later on the Course Navi site.

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