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Information on the Seminar “The Ethics of Publishing and Tips for Researchers” to be held on May 30, 2015

This seminar on The Ethics of Publishing and Tips for Researchers is a part of the Waseda University Skill Up
Series for Presenting International Research (10 seminars held over one year).
Participants will comprehensively learn about the ethical aspects of conducting experimentsand presenting the results to the wider academic research community.
It provides an opportunity to practically consider acquired knowledge by posing questions on presumed situations that the participants are likely to encounter.

[Overview of seminar]

◆Date:Saturday May 30 (Saturday) 9:30~12:30 
*Includes break time

◆Venue: Multipurpose Room, Basement of Building 26, Waseda Campus,
*Also simulcast live at the Waseda Tokorozawa Campus and Kita Kyushu Campus
Waseda Campus map.- here

◆ Venue for live simulcast: Tokorozawa Campus: Meeting Room 1, 5F of Building 100
 Kita Kyushu Campus: Classroom S104
 *Participants at the live simulcast venues can also ask questions to the lecturer.

◆Language: English
◆Target participants: Waseda full-time teaching staff and graduate students (Master Course and above)

◆Seminar details (scheduled)
09:30 – 12:30 (includes break time)
*The seminar will be conducted all in English.

• Experimental design and data manipulation
• Transparency in reporting research
• Publication ethics - authorship, multiple submissions, conflicts of interest
• How to avoid plagiarism
• Consequences of not following ethical guidelines


◆Lecturer:Dr Jeffrey Robens: Senior Research Consultant at Edanz, Education Group Leader
Dr. Robens acquired his PhD through research focusing on elucidating the particular
role of new cancer genes in the modification of cell migration.He continued his research at the Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology (IMCB) in Singapore.Dr. Robens also carried out more physiological research on neuron migration during the developmental period of the brain, as a special researcher of the Japan Society of the Promotion of Research at the Institute for Integrated Cell-Material Sciences (iCeMS) at Kyoto University. He then returned to Singapore to study the role of cell substrates in regenerative medicine at the Mechanobiology Institute (MBI)in the National University of Singapore. Dr. Robens has extensive experience in bioscience and has made numerous presentations at international conferences in Singapore, Japan and the US and in peer review journals. He currently works as a senior editor specializing in bioscience at the Fukuoka office of the Edanz Group.

  [Registration information]

◆ Registration deadline: May 27, 2015 (Wed.), 17:00
◆ Registration method:Fill in the Seminar Application Form Please fill in the following information on the portal form, and submit it by May 22 (Friday).
1. Name, 2. Affiliation, 3. Qualifications, 4. E-mail address, 5. Number of English paper submissions with peer reviews attached, 6. Events you wish to attend
※Other: An overview of the seminar will be published later on the Course Navi site.

【Seminar Application Form 】
Organizer: Waseda University Research Enhancement Head Office, International Affairs Division, International Office
Inquiries: Secretariat of the Waseda University Research Enhancement Head Office
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