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The Discovery of the Tomb of Khonsuemheb

A Japanese mission from Institute of Egyptology, Waseda University under the direction of Prof. Jiro Kondo discovered a new private tomb at el-Khokha area in the Theban necropolis on the west bank of Luxor. The tomb is beautifully decorated in a good condition of preservation and probably dates to the Ramesside period on stylistic ground. The owner of the tomb is Khonsuemheb (xnsw-m-Hb) who was “the chief of the workshop for Mut(Hry Sna n mwt)” as well as “the chief brewer of the temple of Mut (Hry atxw n pr-mwt)”. His wife is Mutemheb (mwt-m-Hb) and has title: “the singer of Mut (Smayt nt mwt)”. Their daughter is called Isetkha (Ast-xa) who is also a “singer of Mut (Smayt nt mwt) ”.

The tomb was discovered while the Japanese team was cleaning the forecourt of the tomb of Userhat (wsr-HAt, TT 47), Overseer of King’s private apartment (imy-r ipt-nswt) under Amenhotep III. The tomb of Khonsuemheb is connected to an unfinished tomb hewn on the southern wall of the forecourt of the tomb of Userhat, which was found in the course of clearance. The tomb of Khonsuemheb has T-shaped plan. Most of the walls and ceilings of the transverse hall is decorated. On the sidewall of the northern part of the transverse hall, the tomb owner Khonsuemheb, his wife Mutemheb, and his daughter Isetkha are represented as statues. Several different motifs representing Khonsuemheb and his family are depicted on the walls of the transverse hall. Noteworthy is the scene of the funerary procession for the burial of Khonsuemheb, which includes the ritual to the mummy of Khonsuemheb by his son in front of his tomb crowned a pyramid on its top. In the center of the ceiling are the solar boat, the text of the Hymn to the sun god, and two figures of Khonsuemheb making adoration.

It is hoped that the future exploration in this tomb will reveal more details about the tomb decoration and the burial of Khonsuemheb.

前室北壁の家族像(中央がコンスウエムヘブ) ラー・ホルアクティ神を礼拝するコンスウエムヘブ
Statues of Khonsuemheb and his Family Khonsuemheb and his family worshipping Rahorakhty and Osiris
神々を礼拝するコンスウエムヘブ夫妻、コンスウエムヘブ夫妻に捧げ物をする息子たち コンスウエムヘブの葬送の図
Khonsuemheb and his wife are making adoration to Osiris and Anubis The ritual to the mummy of Khonsuemheb and the funerary procession

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