"Comprehensive Research on Local Contexts of Disaster Recovery"

Grants-in-Aid for Science Research: Scientific Research (A) 19H00613 2019-2023

Research Leader: URANO,Masaki@(Waseda Universityj


Basic data 2018

2018 Basic Data

Grants-in-Aid for Science Research: Scientific Research (A) 19H00613 2019 Annual Report iDec 2020j


Part 1: Research on Indicators of Goal Achievement and Reconstruction at Each Stage of the Disaster Process:

1-1. Exploring the 10-year trajectory of the Great East Japan Earthquake and regional optimal solutions Masaki Urano (Waseda University)

1-2. Investigation of indicators at each stage of the disaster process from a gender perspective Sachiko Asano (Waseda University) and Keiko Ikeda (Shizuoka University)

1-3. Current status of reconstruction from the follow-up survey of disaster-response planners and workers, and implications for indicators of recovery and recovery policies Keiko Ikeda (Shizuoka University)

 Part 2: Research on Disaster/Reconstruction Process based on the Fieldworks

2-1. Community Reconstruction in the Sendai Metropolitan Area after the Great East Japan Earthquake: A Comparative Urban Sociological Approach Muroi Kenji (Nagoya University)

2-2. Damage and reconstruction in the city of Natori, Miyagi Prefecture Ryushi Uchida (Kansai University)

2-3. Reconstruction of Tsunami-Affected Ishinomaki (Plains & Ria Coast Areas) Part I: Overview of the Reconstruction of Ishinomaki Jun Oyane (Senshu University) Part II: Reconstruction Challenges and Population Migration in Island Areas Akira Miyasada (Machi-Communication)

2-4. The Disaster/Reconstruction Process: a Case Study of Onagawa Town Takashi Tsuji (National Institute for Environmental Studies) and Yoshihiko Kuroda (Sugiyama Jogakuen University)

2-5. Characteristics and Processes of Reconstruction Policy in Kamaishi City, Iwate Prefecture Hideki Yoshino (Iwate Prefectural University)

2-6. Disaster/reconstruction Process in Otsuchi Town, Iwate Prefecture Shin Nozaka (Waseda University) and Tatsuto Asakawa (Waseda University)

2-7. Disaster/Reconstruction Process in the Areas Affected by the Nuclear Power Plant Accident Saori Kawazoe (Toyo University) and Ryosuke Takaki (Shokei Gakuin University)

 Other Documents

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