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Institute for Sustainable Community

and Risk Management

Fields of Research

1) Research on the social processes of communities from the emergency period to the long-term restoration and reconstruction period, which were deeply affected by disasters, such as earthquakes, typhoons, floods, volcanic eruptions, and hazardous chemical or nuclear incidents. Especially we have been deeply concerned about the long-term reconstruction processes of communities affected by the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake, Unzen-Fugen volcanic eruption and so forth.

2) Research on a variety of efforts toward a more resilient community both in large cities and in farming or mountain villages. In these recent years there are several different trends toward a more resilient community; the first one is the efforts of community-based activities for controlling building code and better community environment which are deeply connected with urban and regional planning policies, the second one is the efforts for community welfare which are closely related to how to deal with the aged or the disabled in the community under the condition of disaster, the third one is the efforts for a more livable and lively community with more potential to cope with, respond to, and recover from disasters, and so on.

3) Research on the transformation of the social structures and cultures of communities both in large cities and in farming or mountain villages in a historical view, especially in terms of accumulated vulnerability in the process of long transition of economic development and lifestyle. The relevance between the residentsf risk perception and the formation of the local culture seems to be one of the focal point of research, and the relevance between local peoplefs efforts toward a safer community and the change of local leadership seems to be another focal point.

4) Research on the process of development and the change of the living condition (the habitat and the local environment) in the Asian countries. People living in those areas have had a lot of experiences of being affected by disasters. Development and Disaster-mitigation are closely connected each other in those areas. Moreover, we are deeply concerned about the processes of community change and the transformation of local leadership by gaining proper education and training program.

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