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  RIIM introduction  pdf 50KB
  Research Institute of Information Technology and Management (RIIM) was established in 2003 March. RIIM is engaged in major research programs related to IT and Business.
Our basic policy is to make a research about IT in terms of both Technology and the influence. We focus on the aspect of how IT influences Business Models along with Industrial transformation. We also emphasis on both academism and practicalism.
To expand our research programs, RIIM is linked with the MBA course for business people at the graduate school of commerce, Waseda University.

  Recent Publications in English
  Tatsuyuki Negoro
  Chief Director of RIIM, Professor of School of Commerce

- Possibility Beyond Customer Relationship Management:
  From Encirclement to Open Partnership, Waseda Business & Economic Studies,
  2003 March.   pdf 722KB

- Internet-Specific Business Strategies Do Not Exist:
  An Analysis from a Resource- Based Perspective, Waseda Business & Economic
  Studies, 2004 March.   pdf 803KB

- Can CRM be a Differentiation Strategy?, Waseda Business & Economic Studies,
  2005 March.    pdf 500KB