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RIEEM Workshop on Environment and Management

Oct 6, 2017 at Building #11 in Waseda Campus Waseda university

The RIEEM conducted workshop on “Environment and Management” on October 6th, 2017. We had Prof. Joel Malen of Hitotsubashi Unviersity, Prof. Nicole Darnall of Arizona State University, and Hakaru Iguchi and Prof. Takuro Miyamoto of Waseda University as presenters for the workshop. The presenters were welcomed and introduced to the floor by Prof. Junichi Yamanoi of Waseda University, on behalf of RIEEM. Workshop was attended by academicians and graduate students from various background.

Prof. Joel Malen presented his work entitled “Out of sight, out of mind? How separation from pollution influences firm environmental impact,” which looks at the pollution issue from management perspectives.

Prof. Nicole Darnall presented on “Ecolabel Credibility and Sustainable Purchasing” and discussed in detail about the barriers that firms face when providing public goods. Similarly, the presentation also covered on how consumers make purchase decisions of ecolabel products that has potential to offer public benefits.

Mr. Hakaru Iguchi presented “Religious Beliefs and Firm’s Voluntary Environmental Behaviours,” suggesting some the relationship between the CEO’s religious belief and the firm’s environmental behavior.

Finally, Prof. Takuro Miyamoto talked about his empirical work on “Supplier’s green R&D oriented by Green Supplier Development” using Japanese firm level data, in which some interesting preliminary findings on relationships between the customer’s request and R&D fund as well as GHG and chemical were presented.

Following lively discussion, the workshop was ended by concluding remarks by Prof. Toshi H. Arimura, the director of RIEEM, thanking all the presenters for enriching presentations and participants for engaging in lively discussion.