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A research exchange meeting with a team from Tsinghua University, China.

May 31, 2017 (at Building #3 in Waseda Campus Easeda University)

The team of experts from “Institute of Energy, Environment and Economy” of Tsinghua University, China, lead by the Deputy Director, Professor Liu Bin visited The Research Institute for Environmental Economics and Management (RIEEM) at Waseda Univeristy. The RIEEM hosted research exchange meeting with the scholars from Tsinghua University and Professor Toshi H. Arimura, the Director of RIEEM introduced the overview of RIEEM including its objectives, collaborators, current and past research activities. The Institute of Energy, Environment and Economy also introduced their institute to the RIEEM members.

The members of RIEEM and visiting experts from Tsinghua University also shared about the emission trading scheme (ETS) in China and Japan. Given the relevance of issue, experts from both sides shared ideas and views about ongoing ETS programs in Japan and China including the different features of ETS in China and Japan. The experts also discussed about the hosting similar research exchange program at Tsinghua University in March, 2018. Both sides agreed to share the experiences of ETS in respective countries.

The program ended with group photo session and short Waseda University Campus tour for the experts from Tsinghua University.