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Workshop on "Intergenerational equity, discounting and international agreement on global warming"

Nov 5th 2016 at Waseda Campus, Waseda University

RIEEM organized workshop on “Intergenerational Equity, Discounting and International Agreement on Global Warming” on November 5th, 2016. A Professor from University of Oslo, Taipei National University, Sophia University and Waseda University, resourced the workshop. Morning session of the workshop focused on “intergenerational equity” and afternoon session was dedicated for theoretical research related to “international environmental agreements.”

The workshop started with a brief introductory presentation by Professor Toshi H. Arimura, Director of RIEEM and Professor of Faculty of Political Science and Economics of Waseda University. The RIEEM’s background, interdisciplinary approach of RIEEM, five main core areas of research projects, ongoing projects and collaboration plans were presented to the participants and presenters.

This was followed by presentation from Professor Kohei Kamaga of Sophia University tilted “Infinite-horizon extensions of critical leximin orderings: axiomatizations and some general results” which deals with intergenerational equity by explicitly considering the population. His thought-provoking presentation led to a lively debate during which presenter and participants exchanged ideas and opinions at length. Professor Paolo G. Piacquadio of the University of Oslo presented on “The Ethics of Intergenerational Risk” that takes into account of future uncertainty. The issues of sustainable development and global warming had triggered an inquiry into the social choice theory.

The third presentation titled “Symmetric Stationary Markov Perfect Nash Equilibria in differential games” was given by Professor Ken-ichi Akao of Waseda University. His presentation focused on examining equilibrium solution in international negotiation of environmental problems as a differential game. The workshop concluded with a presentation by Professor Hsiao-chi Chen of National Taipei University on the topic “An evolutionary approach to international environmental agreements with full participation” which investigates the conditions under which an international consensus is achieved as an evolutionary game.

The workshop was closed with lively discussions and congratulatory note from the chair.