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Global Environmental Research, Vol.19, No.1(special issue), 2015: Sustainable Use of Phosphorus in Asia

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H. Ohtake, K. Matsubae, and M. Yarime Preface (56 KB)
D.A. Vaccari How do you spot a trend? An examination of recent phosphate rock production (356 KB)
E. Webeck, K, Matsubae, K. Nakajima, K. Nansai, and T. Nagasaka Phosphorus flows in the Asian region (567 KB)
M. Chen, F. Sun, X. Xia, and J. Chen The phosphorus flow in China:
A revisit from the perspective of production (846 KB)
Y. Wang, P. Cheng, and H. Ma Material flow analysis of phosphorus in Taiwan (1.1 MB)
K. Jung, B. An, J. Choi, C. Park, and S. Lee Separation of phosphate from wastewater using an ion exchanger based on chitosan (595 KB)
T. Tran, T. Tran, T. Nguyen, and Q. Le Spatially explicit assessment of nutrient demands for promoting efficient regional fertilizer-use management in Vietnam (1.4 MB)
H. Ohtake and K. Okano Development and implementation of technologies for recycling phosphorus in secondary resources in Japan (6.1 MB)
H. Shiroyama, M. Matsuo, and M. Yarime Issues and policy measures for phosphorus recycling from sewage: Lessons from stakeholder analysis of Japan (265 KB)
A. Kuroda and R. Hirota Environmental biotechnology for efficient utilization of industrial phosphite waste (578 KB)
S. Mishima, T. Oh, Y. Duan, Y. Lou, H. Yun, D. Lee, M. Xu, and Y. Lee Nutrient use and efficiency in east Asian agriculture (330 KB)
G. He and Y. ZHOU Geology of phosphate rock in China: distribution, rock type, and metallogenic perspective (799 KB)
E. Yamasue, K. Matsubae, and K. Ishihara Weight of Land Use for Phosphorus Fertilizer Production in Japan in Terms of Total Material Requirement (311 KB)
T. Koottatep, S.K. Chapagain, and C. Polprasert Situation and novel approach for sustainable phosphorus recovery: a case study of Thailand (1.7 MB)