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New Generation Heat Pump Technology Project


Heat pump technology is selected as one of the most important 21 technologies in the cool earth-innovative technology program because it contributes energy saving a lot and Japan’s technology level of the heat pump is the highest in the world. To enhance the performance of the heat pumps and spread them in the market furthermore, it is necessary to select low environmental impact refrigerant and innovate higher performance elements.

And not only single system but also total system performance enhancement is mandatory by using renewable energy, waste heat for heat sources and sinks. In the report of “the next generation heat pump technology committee” sponsored by NEDO, the importance of the total energy system performance enhancement of heat pump is emphasized.

To develop the hub research site for heat pump technologies, Institute of Institute for High Technology Production Systems in Waseda university starts the next generation heat pump research project in coraboration with Saito Lab. and Waseda Research Institute for Science and Engineering. For this group, researchers from refrigerant to element and system gathers and projects from basic and applied researches are carried out.

Director      Kiyoshi Saito

Institute for High Technology Production Systems

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