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2007年6月8日 ラウリー教授よりのメッセージ     

  Prange Collection and the Occupation Period Database Project

Charles B. Lowry, Ph.D.
Dean of Libraries and Professor College of Information Studies
University of Maryland

The Occupation-Period Newspaper and Magazine Database: Current Status and Future Possibilities
Kumamoto Gakuen University
Kumamoto, Japan
June 8th, 2007

I would like to thank Professor Yamamoto and the organizers of the symposium, The Occupation-Period Newspaper and Magazine Database: Current Status and Future Possibilities. I regret that I am unable to attend in person but greatly appreciate the opportunity to submit these remarks in absentia. On behalf of the University of Maryland, I extend my greetings and best wishes to all symposium participants at Kumamoto Gakuen University and to the Committee for the Occupation-Period Media Database Project.

Preservation of the Prange Collection has received significant attention in recent years. Today I would like to focus on an equally serious and ongoing commitment to providing access to the magazines, newspapers, monographs, and other materials in the collection. In this regard, we have made significant progress. Preservation and access go hand-in-hand; one does not effectively exist without the other. Both are essential for the viable and effective use of any special collection. The microfilming of the newspaper and magazine collections -- totaling 6 million pages -- and the accompanying finding aides enhanced our ability to provide access to and support research in the collection. Professor Yamamoto and his work group, through their many years of hard work and diligence, took this access one step further, creating an article-level index to Prange Collection magazines. Research inquiries in the Prange Collection staff have increased since the launch of the magazine database. Though a formal user study has not been conducted, it is our impression that the database has clearly extended Prange research to a broader audience, attracting researchers from all over the world. The depth of research and preparedness of the scholars has also been enhanced by the database.

It is important to note that use of the Prange Collection has yielded discoveries of works from the Occupation period by well-known writers and artists. For example, several previously unknown works by the manga legend Osamu Tezuka were discovered by Professor Takeshi Tanikawa as recently as a year ago. Some early illustrations, appearing in published monographs, of Chihiro Iwasaki were also found.

The University of Maryland has partnered with the National Diet Library in preservation projects that have also had significant access components, such as the microfilming of the magazine and newspaper collections. On May 2, 2005, Mr. Takao Kurosawa, the Librarian of the National Diet Library of Japan (NDL), and the University of Maryland President C.D. Mote, Jr. signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that formalized our institutions shared commitment to preserve and provide access to the 71,000 books in the Prange Collection. Initial efforts, which began in 2006, focus on the digitization and microfilming of 8,000 children's books, a graphically rich and particularly rare sub-collection. Many of the Prange Collection books are unique and do not exist elsewhere, even in Japan. As such, they fill a gap in NDL holdings and in the documentation of a pivotal period in Japanese history.

I extend sincere congratulations to Professor Yamamoto on the recent inauguration of the newspaper database project. This will be another significant contribution to access and research of Prange Collection and Occupation Period materials.

In closing, through our various preservation and access projects, we have been able to expand collection use, better support the needs of researchers at all levels, and contribute to the understanding of the historic times that are vividly and remarkably captured and represented in the materials of the Prange Collection.

Thank you for your kind attention.



  チャールズ B. ラウリー










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