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来たる6月15日(土)~17日(月)に早稲田大学国際会議場にて、第6回国際マムルーク会議(6th Conference of the School of Mamluk Studies)を下記の要領で開催いたします。

日時 : 2019年6月15日(土)~17日(月)

場所 : 早稲田大学国際会議場(Building No.18 中央図書館に併設)

使用言語 : 英語

主催 :  The School of Mamluk Studies, The Middle East Documentation Center at The University of Chicago, 早稲田大学文学部・文学研究科「中東・イスラーム研究コース」、早稲田大学総合人文科学研究センター

後援: 鹿島学術振興財団、三島海雲記念財団

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Saturday, June 15

Themed papers: The Sacred in Mamluk Society

8:30 Registration

9:00 Welcoming Remarks by Tetsuya Ohtoshi (Waseda University)

9:10 Part 1
-Mehdi Berriah (University of Paris 1 – La Sorbonne/SOAS /UMR 8167) “Visiting the Prophet’s Grave: Bidʿa or Not ? A Case of Divergence and Theological Debate in the Mamluk Period.”

-Daphna Ephrat (The Open University of Israel) “The Shaykh, the Saintly Tomb, and the Sacralization of Space: A View from Mamluk Palestine”

-Hani Hamza (Independent Scholar, Egypt) “The Curious Case of the Unrecognized Turba of Amīr Jirbāsh Qāshiq: New Dating and Attribution”

10:40 Coffee Break

11:00 Part 2
-Aida Gasimova (Baku State University) “Mamluk Sultans, Hurufis and Hurufi Poet Nesimi: Portraits from Medieval Arab Sources”

-Elise Franssen (Università Ca’ Foscari Venice) “Al-Ṣafadī’s al-Faḍl al-Munīf fī al-Mawlid al-Sharīf… according to His Taḏkira”

-Kaori Otsuya (Kyoto University/University of Liège) “Reflections of the Sacred in the Historiography of Medina, City of the Prophet: Ibn Farḥūn and His Naṣīḥat al-Mushāwir”

12:30 Lunch

14:00 Part 3
-Dotan Arad (Bar Ilan University) “Moses, Samuel, Elijah and Ezra: The Cult of Biblical Saints among the Jews in the Mamluk Period”

-Asuka Tsuji (Kawamura Gakuen Women’s University) “Contesting Sacred Places in Mamluk Egypt: The Case of Lower Egypt”

-Yehoshua Frenkel (University of Haifa) “The Sacred in Mamluk Society: A Socio-Historical Investigation”

15:30 Coffee Break

15:50 Part 4
-Eman Shokry Hesham (BTU Cottbus-Sengtenberg) “The Veneration and Beauty of Marble Floors in Mamluk Mosques in Cairo”

-Daniella Talmon-Heller (Ben-Gurion University of the Negev) “Muṣḥaf ʿUthmān and Other Qurʾāns in Mamlūk Syria and Egypt”

-Richard McGregor (Vanderbilt University) “Relics and Religious Topography of Mamluk Cairo”

17:20 End

18:00 Reception


Sunday, June 16 


9:00   Mamluk Scholarship and the Transmission of Knowledge
Organizer and Chair: Elias G. Saba (Grinnell College)

-Sean W. Anthony (The Ohio State University) “Before All Things God Most High Created the Light of Your Prophet from His Light”: A Case Study in How to Forge Ḥadīth in the Post-Classical Period”

-Youshaa Patel (Lafayette College) “‘Blessed are the Strangers’: Interpreting an Apocalyptic Hadith”

-Garrett Davidson (College of Charleston) “Reassessing the Role of Mamluk Women in Hadith Transmission”

-Elias G. Saba (Grinnell College) “Islamic Law as Intellectual Refinement in the Writing of Badr al-Dīn al-Zarkashī”

10:45 Coffee Break

11:00   Irrigation, Landscapes, and Environment: Towards a History of Mamluk Agriculture
Organizer: Anthony Quickel (University of Marburg)
Chair: Wakako Kumakura (Tokyo University of Foreign Studies)

-Yossef Rapoport (Queen Mary, University of London) “Water Management, Iqṭāʿ and Tribes in the Fayyum, from Fatimids to the Mamluks”

-Stuart Borsch (Assumption College) “Water Management and the Late Fatimid Restructuring of Egypt”

-Muhammad Shaaban (Queen Mary, University of London) “Counting Dirhams, Olives and Wheat: The Relationship between Urban Institutions and Endowed Agrarian Property in the Haram al-Sharif Documents”

-Anthony Quickel (University of Marburg) “A Topography of Taste: Mapping Mamluk Cairo’s Food Markets”

12:45 Lunch

14:00   Mobility of Ideas, Individuals and Goods
Organizer: Abdelkader Al Ghouz (University of Bonn)
Chair: Stephan Conermann (University of Bonn)

-Abdelkader Al Ghouz (University of Bonn) “Signs of Greek Science in Ibn al-Akfānī’s (d. 749/1348) Treatise Irshād al-Qāṣid ilā Asmā al-Maqāṣid”

-Bethany Joelle Walker (University of Bonn) “Locally Produced but Regionally Consumed: The Circulation of Household Goods in the Syrian Countryside”

-Anna Kollatz (University of Bonn) “Mobility in Immobility: Tracing Travelling Narratives in Ibn Iyās’ Writings”

15:20 Coffee Break

15:35   Mamluks and Asia: Views from the East
Organizer and Chair: Nobutaka Nakamachi (Konan University)

-Yoichi Isahaya (Slavic-Eurasian Research Center, Hokkaido University) “Maragha over the Euphrates: The Observatory in Mamluk Sources”

-Yihao Qiu (Fudan University) “An Episode of the Conflict between Qaidu and Yuan in Mamluk Chronicle”

-Yasuhiro Yokkaichi (Rikkyo University) “From Fārs to Misr: Re-examining the Indian Ocean Trade Network between the Il-khanate and Mamluk Sultanate of Egypt”

-Yoichi Yajima (Nara Women’s University) “Diplomatic Correspondence between the Mamluks and the Mongols”

17:20 End


Monday, June 17


9:00   Approaching Mamlūk Historiography: Narratologically, Literarily, Computationally
Organizer: Maxim Romanov (University of Vienna)
Chair: Kenneth Goudie (Ghent University)

-Maxim Romanov (University of Vienna) “Computational Historiography: al-Ḏahabī’s Taʾrīḫ al-Islām and His Sources”

-Rihab Ben Othmen (Ghent University) “Moving Texts: A Few Remarks on Textual Brokerage, Intertextuality and Authorial Identity in the Fifteenth Century Mamluk Historiography”

-Kenneth Goudie (Ghent University) “A Tale of Two Dawādārs: al-Biqāʿī’s Narrative Construction of Īnāl’s Court”

-Zacharie Mochtari de Pierrepont (Ghent University) “The Inbāʾ al-Ghumr bi-Abnāʾ al-ʿUmr and Inter-maḏhab Competition: A Network Analysis Case Study”

10:45 Coffee Break

11:00   Intellectual Activities across the Regions in the Mamluk period
Organizer and Chair: Kentaro Sato (Hokkaido University)

-Maribel Fierro (Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas [CSIC]) “Maliki Jurists from the Maghrib in the Mamluk Sultanate”

-Mayte Penelas (CSIC) “Ibn Ḫaldūn’s Kitāb al-ʿIbar as a Source for Mamluk Scholars on Iberian History”

-Abdenour Padillo Soaud (CSIC) “The Scholars of the Maghrib in the Mamluk Madrasas”

-Teruaki Moriyama (Doshisha University) “From Khurasani “Ashab al-Hadith” to Mamlukid Shafi‘i School: Succession to the Classical Hadith Studies”

12:45 Lunch

14:00   The Material Culture of Mamluk Cairo
Organizer: Naoko Fukami (Japan Society for the Promotion of Science [JSPS])
Chair: Takenori Yoshimura (Daito Bunka University)

-Nicholas Jon Warner (American University in Cairo) “The Urban Fabric of Mamluk Cairo as Represented in Matteo Pagano’s View of 1549”

-Naoko Fukami (JSPS) “Typologies of Mamluk Religious Architecture and Their Relation to Ilkhanid, Timurid, and Ottoman Forms”

-Gentaro Yamada (Tokai University) “Computational-geometrical Study of Mumluk Muqarnas: Comparative Analysis of Its Morphology Using 3D-parametric Models”

15:20 Coffee Break

15:35   The Versatile Approach to the Diplomatic Dialogue
Organizer: Alessandro Rizzo (Milá y Fontanals Institute, CSIC)
Chair: Stephan Conermann (University of Bonn)

-Georg Christ (University of Manchester) “”Alexander of Our Time”: Was Venice Part of the Mamluk Islamic Empire?”

-Frédéric Bauden (University of Liège) “Brokering Power in Mecca: Rasulid-Mamluk Diplomatic Exchanges about the Meccan Sharifate”

-Malika Dekkiche (University of Antwerp) “Like Father like Son? Timurid Parallel Diplomacy with the Mamluk Sultanate”

-Alessandro Rizzo (Milá y Fontanals Institute, CSIC) “Beyond the Dār al Islām/dār al-ḥarb Paradigm: The Multiform Dialogue between Mamluks and Christian Powers through a Diplomatic Approach”

17:20 Concluding Remarks by Tetsuya Ohtoshi and Frédéric Bauden

18:00 End

19:30 Farewell Dinner