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Introduction to Projects

Comparative Theatre Studies between Japan and Europe
Comparative Theatre Studies between Japan and Asia
Traditional Japanese Theatre Studies-text and image-
Research on modernization of Japanese theatre
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Research of Engyo Mitamura’s Manuscripts
(Tsubouchi Memorial Theatre Museum holdings)
> Director
Mitsuhiko Shibata

> Research Organization
Researcher Affiliation
Mitsuhiko Shibata Researcher,The Tsubouchi Memorial Theatre Museum
Kaoru Matsuyama Librarian,Waseda University Library
Mikio Takemoto professor,Waseda University School of Letters, Arts and Sciences
Kazuko Yanagisawa Visiting Lecture,Waseda University School of Education
Etsuko Ueno Engyo Researcher
Miwako Nagai COE technical assistant,Tsubouchi Memorial Theatre Museum

> Studies for This Year
Creating an index and a database for Engyo’s "Ganpo"

> Research Plans for This Year
We created a rough draft of 190 books for "Ganpo" last year (up to No.188 excluding missing issues). This year, we will continue to work on them with more details as we create the format for the database as well. Also, we will start working on details of all the topics (approximately 5000 topics) and organizes them.

> Activity Report

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