List of the pyramids

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True pyramid Stepped pyramid
Bent pyramid Mastaba pyramid

Site King Dynasty Hieroglyphic name Modern name Dimension (meter)
Abu Roash Djedefre 4th Dyn. 104.5
Giza Khufu 4th Dyn. Great pyramid
The first pyramid at Giza
Khafre 4th Dyn. The second pyramid at Giza 215
Menkaure 4th Dyn. The third pyramid at Giza 102.2 x104.6
Nebka? 4th Dyn. Unfinished pyramid 200
Khaba? 3rd Dyn. Layered pyramid 84
Abusir Sahure 5th Dyn. 78.75
Niuserre 5th Dyn. 78.9
Neferirkare 5th Dyn. 105
Raneferef 5th Dyn. 65
Saqqara Teti 6th Dyn. 78.75
Merykare? 9 or10th Dyn. 50
Userkaf 5th Dyn. 73.3
Djoser UPDATED 3rd Dyn. Stepped pyramid 121 x 109
Unas 5th Dyn. 57.75
Sekhemkhet 3th Dyn. Buried pyramid 120
? 3th Dyn.? Great enclosure
Pepi I 6th Dyn. 78.75
Djedkare-Isesi 5th Dyn. 78.75
Merenre 6th Dyn. 78.75
Ibi 8th Dyn. 31.5
Pepi II 6th Dyn. 78.75
Shepseskaf 4th Dyn. 99.6 x 74.4
Khendjer 13th Dyn. 52.5
Niuserre 5th Dyn. 78.9
Dahshur Senwosret III 12th Dyn. 105
Sneferu 4th Dyn. Red pyramid 220
Sneferu 4th Dyn. Bent pyramid 188
Amenemhat II 12th Dyn. 50
Amenemhat III 12th Dyn. Black pyramid 105
Ameny-Qemau 13th Dyn. 52.5
Mazghuna Amenemhet IV? 13th Dyn.
Amenemhet IV? 13th Dyn. 52.5
Lisht Amenemhet I 12th Dyn. 84
Senwosret I 12th Dyn. 105
Meidum Sneferu? 3rd Dyn. 144
Seila ? 26
Hawara Amenemhat III 12th Dyn. 105
Illahun Senwosret II 12th Dyn. 106
? 18
Dara Khui? 7-10th Dyn. 130
Tukh ? 18
el-Kula ? 18

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