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Expeditions to Dahshur north, Contents

Latest site plan The latest site plan

Tomb-chapel of Ip3y VRML A model of the substructure of the tomb-chapel of Ipay is shown by VRML.

Tomb No. 16 VRML No. 16 is an unfinished tomb-shaft.

Tomb No. 17 VRML From the tomb No. 17 at Dahshur site, a numbers of the mud fragments of wine jar stopper bearing the name of Tutankhamun have been found.

Tomb No. 23 VRML The shaft tomb No. 23 has 4 rooms, and traces of the enlargement of the shaft have been detected.

Tomb No. 24 VRML There are two rooms in the substructure of the shaft tomb No. 24.

Tomb No. 25 VRML A complicated disposition of 7 rooms is noteworthy.

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General view around the excavation site by QTVR Panorama General view of the excavation site by QuickTimeVR Panorama (246KB)

General view from the peak of the pyramid of Senwosret III General view from the peak of the pyramid of Senwosret III (508KB)
(Prepared by Masahiko Sato, graduate student of the Department of Architecture, Waseda University)

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