2013 International Symposium

Date: Saturday, December 14, 2013
Location: 8-308, Waseda University

Keynote Speaker: Judge Uldis Ķinis (Justice, Constitutional Court of Latvia)
"Information Society and Secret Agencies: Functions, Safeguard and Conditions - National and International Mechanisms of Control, European Approach"

Prof. Pauline C. Reich (Waseda University School of Law)
"A Brief Review of Data Privacy, Data Protection and Government Surveillance of the Internet in Selected Asia-Pacific/South Asia/Oceania Jurisdictions"

Prof. Takehiko Kasahara (Toin University of Yokohama Graduate School of Law)
"Classified Information in Japan"

Prof. Teresa Scassa (Canada Research Chair in Information Law, University of Ottawa Faculty of Law)
"Rethinking Privacy in an Era of Open Government"

Tobias Pfeiffer (Intern, IBM Japan)
"A German Viewpoint on Privacy"

Pauline C. Reich

Pauline C. Reich is the Founder-Director of Asia-Pacific Cyberlaw, Cybercrime and Internet Security Research Institute. Professor Reich is an American lawyer and has been a professor at Waseda University School of Law in Tokyo, Japan since 1995.She has been General Editor of the book series CYBERCRIME AND SECURITY, updated quarterly, since 2003. It is a multivolume law treatise including country and topical chapters, case law, white papers, etc. from throughout the world. It was acquired by Thomson Reuters/West in October 2011 and became available on the Westlaw database in July 2012.

Ms. Reich is a member of the American Bar Association Section of Science and Technology and its International Section, the Regional Asia Information Security Exchange (RAISE), Japan’s Information Network Law Association and the International Association of Privacy Professionals and Women in e-Discovery.

She has been a speaker on Cyberlaw, Cybersecurity and policy issues at such institutions and organizations as the Singapore Management University law faculty, the Nanyang Technological University CAPTEL program, the Australian Institute of Criminology, the Computer Society of India, ITech Law, the British and Irish Law and Technology Association (BILETA), ITU, CSI, the American Bar Association, the United Nations, and others.

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