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4月8日(火) Luigi Curini
Beyond Ideology: the Intensity of Government-Opposition Divide and its political consequences. An application to Japanese Parliamentary Debates, 1953-2013
4月15日(火) 鹿野 晋
Exploiting feeling thermometer scores: A simultaneous estimation of ideological space and valence factors
4月22日(火) 河村 耕平
Expert Information and Majority Decisions: Theory and Experiment
5月20日(火) 阪本 浩章
Public bads, heterogeneous beliefs, and the value of information
6月10日(火) 井口 正彦
環境規制の収斂に見る気候変動ガバナンス:欧州・日本・米国の自動車燃費規制を事例として(Regulatory Convergence of Climate Policy: Case of Fuel Economy Standards for Passenger Cars in Europe, Japan and the US)
6月18日(水) 張 軼凡
(Lingnan University)
FDI and Cross-Country Diffusion of Culture: A Firm-Level Analysis of Gender Inequality in China
6月24日(火) 矢野 浩一
The End of One Long Deflation An Empirical Investigation
7月1日(火) Carles Sola Belda
(Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona)
Persistent Evaluation Bias and Its Effects
7月15日(火) 蓬田 守弘
Innovation, Trade, and the Environment in a Model with a Non-Traded Energy Sector
7月16日(水) Giulia Sandri
(Université Catholique de Lille)
Internal Democratization, Party Membership and the Effect on Party Image
10月14日(火) 平野 智裕
Lean versus Clean in a Rational-Bubble Model
10月15日(水) Soo Yeon Kim
(National University of Singapore)
Free Trade Agreements, Production Networks, and Multinational Firms
11月1日(土) Michael Tomz
(Stanford University)
11月4日(火) 田中 誠
Testing for Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation: Field Experimental Evidence from Energy Demand(仮題)
11月11日(火) 岩波 由香里
Peacekeeping by the UN and Regional Organizations: Sharing the Burden or Passing the Buck?
12月4日(木) Jacob Goeree
(University of Zurich)
Noisy introspection in the "11-20" game"
12月9日(火) Lisa Blaydes
(Stanford University)
Compliance and Resistance in Iraq under Saddam Hussein
Virginia Page Fortna
(Columbia University)
Does Peacekeeping Work? Shaping Belligerents' Choices after Civil War
12月18日(木) Kohei Kawamura
(University of Edinburgh)
Understanding (Non)equilibrium Choices in Simple Games (with Santiago Sanchez-Pages)
1月9日(金) David Carter
(Princeton University)

Terrorism and the Fate of Dictators
1月13日(火) Kristopher Ramsay
(Princeton University)
Empirical Implications of Bargaining Theory
1月19日(月) 高槻 泰郎
Communication with Market Participants for Macroeconomic Policy: Empirical Assessment using Data in Early Modern Japan
1月20日(火) 黒田 祥子

Forcible Regime Change and War

Branislav Slantchev
(University of California, San Diego)

Rich Subjects, Poor Kings: Rebellion Relief and Ratchet Effect in Taxation