Seminars in 2018
Date Speaker Title
Apr. 27 2018 Ian Coxhead 
(Professor, University of Wisconsin-Madison)
The economic consequences of purdah and dowry in a developing country: Pakistan
Nov. 20 2018 Eugene White 
(Professor, Rutgers University)
Does Bank Supervision Prevent Failures?: The Purpose and Effectiveness of Bank Examinations in Late 19th and Early 20th Century America
Dec. 14 2018 Man Lung Chan
(Professor,  Chinese University of Hong Kong)
Network Learning Effects in Cross-border Mergers and Acquisitions
Feb. 27 2019 Akira Hibiki
(Professor, Tohoku University)
Climate Change and its Impact on the Agricultural Sector
Feb. 27 2019 Tatsuyoshi Matsumae
(Lecturer, Tohoku University)
Sources of Great Recession:A Bayesian Approach of a Data Rich DSGE model with Time-Varying-Volatility Shocks

 EBB in 2018
Date Speaker Title
Apr. 13 2018

Shintaro Suda
(Mitsubishi UFJ Trust Investment TEChnology Institute)


Apr. 17 2018 Yusuke Kumano
(Bank of Japan)

金融政策アナウンスメントとアルゴリズム取引: ウェブページへのアクセス情報を用いた検証

Apr. 23 2018 Kazuto Masuda
(Bank of Japan)


Apr. 26 2018 Tomokatsu Onaga


May 9 2018 Atsushi Tago
May 21 2018 Hideki Konishi

How Redistributive Are The Hidden Welfare States?

May 22 2018 Yasutaka Ogawa
(Bank of Japan)

Is the Flattening of the Wage Phillips Curve in Japan Caused by the Increase in Part-timers? – A DSGE Model Approach

May 24 2018 Jonathan Goyette
(Professor, Université de Sherbrooke)

Civil armed conflicts: the impact of the interaction betweeclimate change and agricultural potential

May 30 2018 Takeshi Kimura
(Bank of Japan)


May 31 2018 Takayuki Mizuno
(National Institute of Informatics)


June 15 2018 Hisashi Takagi
(Associate Professor, Yasuda Women's University)

Reintegration of bronze coins during the late 16th and the early17th century Japan

July 3 2018

Yushi Kunugi
(Organization for University Research Initiatives)

July 5 2018

Masato Shizume

Historical Evolution of Monetary Policy in Japan: From the Central Bank of an Emerging Economy to the Central Bank of a Mature Econom

July 25 2018 Róbert Veszteg
Strategy-proofness in experimental matching markets
July 31 2018 Daisuke Yoshinaga


 Aug. 1 2018 Hideaki MaTsuoka
(World Bank)

'Debt intolerance:' Threshold of the level and composition

Sep. 28 2018 Maya Oishida
(Graduate School of Economics, University of Tokyo)
Currency Market in China during the Northern Expedition by Nationalist Party
Oct. 2 2018 Damir Kapidzic
(Associate Professor, University of Sarajevo)
Democratic attitudes among youth in Southeast Europe
Nov. 14 2018 Seisaku Kameda
(Bank of Japan)