EBB in 2016
Apr. 7 2016 Hibiki Ichiue

A Macroeconomic Forecast-implied Shadow Rate and Unconventional Monetary Policy Effects

Apr. 15 2016 Kris James Mitchener
(Santa Clara University)

Network Contagion and Interbank Amplification during the Great Depression

Apr. 27 2016 Satoru Shimokawa

Interaction between Dietary Knowledge and Exercise Knowledge in Leading to Healthier Diet after Hypertension Diagnosis: Evidence from China

May 13 2016 Kenichi HIrayama
(Tokio Marine Asset Management, Doctroal Program, Saitama University)


May 18 2016 Menghan Shen
(Waseda Institute for Advanced Study)

How I Met Your Mother: The Effects of School Desegregation on Birth Outcomes

May 23 2016 Ryo Takahashi


June 23 2016 Ryuichiro Ishikawa Interbank market contagion by mark-to-market accounting
June 27 2016 Masato Nishiwaki
(Waseda Institute for Advanced Study)

Estimating Unilateral and Coordinated Effects of Vertical Integration

Jun 30 2016 Megumi Naoi
(UC San Diego)
July 6 2016 Tamon Asonuma

Sovereign Debt Restructurings and Trade Dynamics: Asymmetries between Preemptive and Post-default

July 7 2016 Nobuyuki Uto


July 19 2016 Kazuya Kikuchi
(Faculty of Political Science and Economics)

The Likelihood of Majority Inversion in an Indirect Voting System

July 21 2016 George Yin
(Doctoral Program, Harvard University)

Job market paper on when foes in international politics would refuse to bargain/rely on diplomacy to resolve their differences

July 25 2016

Hisatoshi Tanaka

Entropy Evaluations of the Linear Index Class
July 26 2016

Naiwen Hong
(Doctoral Progrm)

The Parallax View on Fukushima: A Comparative Analysis of 3/11 Anniversary Coverage in Japan