The 1st CPPE Conference

The 1st CPPE conference is scheduled on March 24th, 2017. The research projects having been financially supported by CPPE this year will give some presentations at this conference. LinkIconcppeconference0324.docx

The 1st CPPE Conference on Political Economy

Date: March 24, 2017
Venue: Conference Room #1, 10F, Building #3, Waseda Campus

Session 1: Empirical Analysis in Political Economy 1
Chair: Shuhei Kurizaki
Yuriko Takahashi, Poverty, Clientelism, and Democratic Accountability in Mexico
Marisa Kellam, Reassessing the Empirical Relationship Between Democracy and Media Freedom: How the Measures You Choose Affect the Answers You Get
Masaaki Higashijima, Monetary Constraints, Spending, and the Autocratic Survival in Party-Based Regimes

Session2: Experimental Analysis in Political Economy
Chair: Kozo Ueda
Ryuichiro Ishikawa, A Quantitative Easing Experiment
Yasushi Asako, Symmetric Information Bubbles: Experimental Evidence
Róbert Veszteg, (New) experimental result on unconstrained bargaining from Tokyo and Paris

Session 3: Symposium on Authoritarian Regimes
Chair: Keiichi Kubo
門屋 寿 権威主義体制と選挙導入(*)
Susumu Annaka,and Masaaki Higashijima, Democratization and Human Development
Takashi Nagatsuji, Electoral Participation in Authoritarian Regimes: The Impact of Social Movements in Africa
谷口友季子, 権威主義体制における政治参加と体制転換(*)
喜多 宗則,移行期正義とクーデタ(*)
Keiichi Kubo, Inequality, political regime and social protests

Session 4: Empirical Analysis in Political Economy 2
Chair: Kazumi Shimizu
高橋直浩, 牛肉で見る風評被害の推計(*)
Michiko Ueda, Relative Age in School and Suicide(*)
Daisuke Yoshinaga and Mikihito Tanaka, The Hollow Buzz of Public Relations?: An analysis of Reactions on Twitter about Japanese Venus Orbiter Akatsuki (*)

Session 5: Theoretical Analysis in Political Economy
Chair: Hideki Konishi
Koki Oikawa, Reallocation Effects of Monetary Policy
Takumi Naito, Trade and growth with heterogeneous firms revisited once again

(*)Presentation in Japanese