第1回 CPPEカンファレンス



The 1st CPPE Conference on Political Economy

Date: March 24, 2017
Venue: Conference Room #1, 10F, Building #3, Waseda Campus

Session 1: Empirical Analysis in Political Economy 1
Chair: Shuhei Kurizaki
Yuriko Takahashi, Poverty, Clientelism, and Democratic Accountability in Mexico
Marisa Kellam, Reassessing the Empirical Relationship Between Democracy and Media Freedom: How the Measures You Choose Affect the Answers You Get
Masaaki Higashijima, Monetary Constraints, Spending, and the Autocratic Survival in Party-Based Regimes

Session2: Experimental Analysis in Political Economy
Chair: Kozo Ueda
Ryuichiro Ishikawa, A Quantitative Easing Experiment
Yasushi Asako, Symmetric Information Bubbles: Experimental Evidence
Róbert Veszteg, (New) experimental result on unconstrained bargaining from Tokyo and Paris

Session 3: Symposium on Authoritarian Regimes
Chair: Keiichi Kubo
門屋 寿 権威主義体制と選挙導入(*)
Susumu Annaka,and Masaaki Higashijima, Democratization and Human Development
Takashi Nagatsuji, Electoral Participation in Authoritarian Regimes: The Impact of Social Movements in Africa
谷口友季子, 権威主義体制における政治参加と体制転換(*)
喜多 宗則,移行期正義とクーデタ(*)
Keiichi Kubo, Inequality, political regime and social protests

Session 4: Empirical Analysis in Political Economy 2
Chair: Kazumi Shimizu
高橋直浩, 牛肉で見る風評被害の推計(*)
Michiko Ueda, Relative Age in School and Suicide(*)
Daisuke Yoshinaga and Mikihito Tanaka, The Hollow Buzz of Public Relations?: An analysis of Reactions on Twitter about Japanese Venus Orbiter Akatsuki (*)

Session 5: Theoretical Analysis in Political Economy
Chair: Hideki Konishi
Koki Oikawa, Reallocation Effects of Monetary Policy
Takumi Naito, Trade and growth with heterogeneous firms revisited once again

(*)Presentation in Japanese