What is the Center for Positive Political Economy (CPPE)?

CPPE has been established in September 2014 on the 12th floor of Building No.3 in the School of Political Science and Economics, Waseda University as the first research center in Japan that focuses on the study of positive political economy, a recently globally growing research field in social science. It is a 5-year project to establish a research center for the study of positive political economy based on theory and evidence, which is financially supported by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.

CPPE consists of 22 professors as its core members and of graduate students in this school. Researchers in other faculties and institutions of Waseda University also participate as collaborators. It takes the advantage of the tradition of academic communication and interdisciplinary research between economists and political scientists having been developed under the past government-sponsored projects, COE and G-COE.

Recently, economists and political scientists have tended to share common analytical tools such as game theory, statistical data analysis, experimental analysis, etc. The members of CPPE are the researchers who understand the relevance of these tools and publish research outcomes to the world's academic frontier. To facilitate the members' analytical tasks, CPPE has introduced its own large scale computer for the analysis of big data and high-speed simulation.