Takahashi Ryo

ambience_arrow01_RE.pngMain Fields of Research

Development Economics, Applied Microeconometrics

ambience_arrow01_RE.pngMain Publications

Takahashi, R., Y. Todo, and T. Degefa (in press) The effects of a participatory approach on the adoption of agricultural technology: Focusing on the social network structure in rural Ethiopia, forthcoming in Studies in Agricultural Economics.

Takahashi, R. and Y. Todo (2013) The impact of a shade coffee certification program on forest conservation: A case study from a wild coffee forest in Ethiopia, Journal of Environmental Management 130: 48-54.

Takahashi, R. and Y. Todo (2012) Impact of Community-Based Forest Management on Forest Protection: Evidence from an Aid-Funded Project in Ethiopia. Environmental Management 50:396-404.

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