2018年度 WINPEC Working Papers Series
Shotaro Shiba, Kazumi Shimizu, "Does time inconsistency differ between gain and loss? An intra-personal comparison using a non-parametric elicitation method(A revised version)", WINPEC Working Paper SeriesNo.E1807 (2018)
Takaaki Abe, Yukihiko Funaki, "The Unbinding Core for Coalitional Form Games", WINPEC Working Paper SeriesNo.E1805 (2018)
Hideki Konishi, Naomi Miyazato, "Distributive Impacts of Social Protection Systems in OECD Countries: Public-Private Mix and Hidden Welfare States" , WINPEC Working Paper SeriesNo.E1804 (2018)
Masato Shizume, "Historical Evolution of Monetary Policy (Goals and Instruments) in Japan: From the Central Bank of an Emerging Economy to the Central Bank of a Mature Economy", WINPEC Working Paper SeriesNo.E1803 (2018)
Koji Yokote, Takumi Kongo, and Yukihiko Funaki, "Relationally equal treatment of equals characterizes combinations of values for cooperative games", WINPEC Working Paper SeriesNo.E1802 (2018)
Hisatoshi Tanaka, "Entropy Numbers of Semiparametric Linear Index Models", WINPEC Working Paper SeriesNo.E1801 (2018)

2018年度 その他
Toshi.H.Arimura,"The Potential of Carbon Market Linkage between Japan and China" Carbon Market Cooperation in Northeast Asia: Assessing Challenges and Overcoming Barriers, Asia Society Policy Institute (ASPI) report, (2018)
Toshi.H.Arimura, Kazuyuki Iwata, Hajime Katayama and Mari Sakudo, "Seemingly Unrelated Interventions: Environmental Management Systems in the Workplace and Energy Conservation Behaviors at Home" Discussion Paper Series No.1802, Faculty of Political Science and Economics, Waseda University (2018)
Jiangtao Fu, Petr Matous, and Yasuyuki Todo. 2018. "Trade Credit in Global Supply Chains." RIETI Discussion Paper, No. 18-E-049, Research Institute of Economy, Trade and Industry, July 2018
Hirokuni Iiboshi, Mototsugu Shintani, and Kozo Ueda, "Estimating a Nonlinear New Keynesian Model with the Zero Lower Bound for Japan", CAMA Working Paper, 37/2018 (2018)

Takashi Iino, Hiroyasu Inoue, Yukiko Umeno Saito, Yasuyuki Todo, "How Does the Global Network of Research Collaboration Affect the Quality of Innovation?," RIETI Discussion Paper, No. 18-E-070, Research Institute of Economy, Trade and Industry, October 2018.

Keiichi Kubo and Amer Osmić, "2017 Opinion Poll in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Sampling Method and Descriptive Statistics," RSGC-Online Paper Series, No. 3: Research Report No. 1, December 2018
Yuzuka Kashiwagi, Yasuyuki Todo, Petr Matous "Propagation of Shocks by Natural Disasters through Global Supply Chains," RIETI Discussion Paper, No. 18-E-041 (2018)

Takumi Naito, "A lab-equipment model of growth with heterogeneous firms and asymmetric countries", Vanderbilt University Department of Economics Working Papers, VUECON-18-00009, 2018.

Takumi Naito, "Trade diversion is reversed in the long run", Vanderbilt University Department of Economics Working Papers, VUECON-18-00008, 2018
Koki Oikawa and Kozo Ueda, "Reallocation Effects of Monetary Policy," RIETI Discussion Paper, 18-E-056 (2018)

Masato Shizume, "Black Market Prices during World War II in Japan: An Estimate Using the Hedonic Approach," IMES Discussion Paper, No. 2018-E-17, November 2018.