Getting to Waseda Campus:

CPPE is located on the 12th floor of Building #3 on the Waseda Campus. You can find Building #3 right at the center of the campus map below. Seminars often take place in conferences rooms on the 10th floor of the same building.

The nearby subway station is Waseda Station (T-04) on the Tokyo Metro Tozai Line (Blue T line ). At the station, take Exit 2, 3a, or 3b. If you take Exit 2, you should go left once you get up to the ground and walk for a block, passing the first cross-walk, Subway, and then MacDonald’s. At the second intersection, where you will see a police-box, you will turn right, crossing the street, and proceed on a winding street until you see the Waseda campus.


Finding the Elevators in Building #3

The 12th floor is accessible only by elevators (and stairs as well), whereas you can get up to the 10th floor with escalators. The elevators are “hidden” in Building #3 and it’s not easy to find them for whatever reasons. The trick is that once you walk into the main spacious entrance area with escalators, you will never find the elevators. We offer three ways to find them.

Number One: Once you enter the building from the front entrance, you turn right instead of entering the second (sliding) door. At the end of the hallway, turn left and you will see elevators.

Number Two: There is another door on the right hand side of the building, which is dark-gray-ish heavy and is not automatic. This is the direct entrance to the elevator hall. Just right next to this door on the right hand side is an automated sliding door. Do not enter that door, as it would take you into the main spacious entry area that you want to avoid.

Number Three: Especially on the weekend when the campus is locked up, you need to enter the building through the special door where the security guard is stationed. You can find this door also on the right side of the building and it is non-automated glass door. You can ask the guard about the location of the elevator (or tell them that you are visiting CPPE!). You can also ask them to call us at our office phones!