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Distinctive Programs for "Practical Chemical Wisdom"
Global COE for "Practical Chemical Wisdom" will provide distinctive programs for advanced training of PhD students and researchers.


1) PhD Examination by Overseas World-Class Professors

The program plans to produce a larger number of PhDs annually. We have already generated a large number of graduates with PhD degrees using rigorous criteria. The program designates world-class professors (from various institutions) as research advisors for the PhD students. It also enlists them as external examiners for PhD dissertations in order to guarantee and further advance the quality of the PhD degrees in this field.

2) Mesochemistry Laboratory Cluster for Practical Research

The program has established a Mesochemistr y Laboratory Cluster to allow young researchers to perform research overseas and to perform collaborative research with industry. The international and industrial aspects of this program will foster highly motivated and devoted researchers. The existing facilities of the University, such as the Nanoprocess Laboratory, enable researchers to develop their own perspectives on the practical application of chemical knowledge and enhance their awareness of the importance of contributing to society.

3) Intensive Training for Practical Chemical English at the University of Michigan

The program provides an "Intensive Practical Chemical English Course," in which PhD students are instructed for a week by professors of the Department of Technical Communication at the University of Michigan. In this course students develop technical writing and presentation skills for use in an international context.

4) International Symposia

International symposia inviting prominent researchers and joint symposia with overseas institutions are organized by this program. The symposia provide the latest information and research achievements relevant to our research aims and encourage young researchers to present their work to the international community.

5) Presentations of Research Results and Debates for Young Researchers

An educational camp that teaches students how to present research and to debate research ideas is held annually. Professors and industrial researchers are invited to evaluate and to encourage PhD students to develop practical research based on academic knowledge and logical thinking.

6)Well-Organized System for Career Paths

The program will provide strong supports for the career development of researchers by allowing them to transfer easily among top-ranking research institutes, universities and corporate laboratories. This exchange is facilitated by the University’s Doctoral/Postdoctoral Career Centers and the Waseda Institute for Advanced Study, which was created with young tenure-track researchers as members.