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PhD Students

Support System

Global COE for "Practical Chemical Wisdom" financially supports students and researchers and also supports them to seek their carrier to both academic and industrial communities.

1. Financial Supports for PhD Students
● We employ PhD students as research assistants (RA)who will contribute to the development of future science and technology.
● We support RAs financially and create an environment in which they can concentrate on researches. Tuition fees for doctoral students have been exempted since 2009.

2. Employment of Promising Post-Doctorate Researchers
● Young researchers who are active in research are recruited worldwide, and are engaged as postdoctoral researchers after screening.
● Post-doctorate students are subsidized with research funds and will be allowed to join research collaboration in GCOE program to promote interdisciplinary researches.

3. Career Support
● In collaboration with the Doctoral Career Center and Postdoctoral Career Center of our university, we support doctoral students and postdoctoral fellows to seek their career in both academic and industrial worlds.