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Our program on Global Center of Excellence (Global COE), "Practical Chemical Wisdom", is one of the selected 13 centers of the Global COEs in the field of chemistry and materials science in Japan. We believe that this honorable adoption of our proposal resulted from sound evaluation of many factors including the outstanding history of education and research at Waseda University with a large number of excellent graduates, the highly evaluated 21st Century COE program "Practical Nano-Chemistry" developed for the past five years, and also the high education and research achievements by the faculties as the program representatives. In the 21st Century COE program, a large number of young postdoctoral researchers and graduate students were educated and financially supported. The support will be markedly enhanced in the Global COE program, in order to further increase the number of PhD degree holders, to promote education of young researchers qualified with practical research ability, and to strengthen collaboration with industries, thereby establishing a unique research center capable of surviving and leading the world-wide competition. We will strongly cooperate with many research consortia, including our own existing organizations, for the establishment of the "Practical Chemical Wisdom" with a view to meet the social expectations. Based on the concept of "wisdom for research", "acquisition of intellect through education", and the aim of our university, "Practical Utilization of Academic Knowledge", this center will operate as a highest-level educational and research organization, including cooperation with institutions overseas. Waseda University celebrated its 125th anniversary of foundation in 2007, and now intends to lead further development of education and research in its graduate schools and to contribute to the world educational and research activities as a core organization in the field of chemistry and materials science. We appreciate your warm support and cooperation for the activities of the center.

Program Leader
Prof. Kazuyuki KURODA

Leader's Message

"Global COE( Centers of Excellence) Program"

Based on assessments of the "21st Century COE Program" and verifi cations of its results to date carried out by Japan's Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology(MEXT) from FY2002, a decision was made to establish the "Global COE( Centers of Excellence) Program". The program will provide funding support for establishing education and research centers that perform at the apex of global excellence to elevate the international competitiveness of the Japanese universities. The program will strengthen and enhance the education and research functions of graduate schools, to foster highly creative young researchers who will go on to become world leaders in their respective fields through experiencing and practicing research of the highest world standard.
[Cited from the homepage of Japan Society for the Promotion of Science(JSPS)]