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The 2nd Workshop for Diamond Researchers

date: February 22nd (Wed), 2012
place: Seminar Room 1 & 2, TWIns, Waseda University

The 11th Joint Symposium between the University of Bonn and Waseda University

date: February 21st (Tue), 2012
place: Seminar Room 1&2, TWIns, Waseda University

The 3rd Symposium on Chiral Science & Technology

date: February 14th (Tue), 2012
place: Conference Room 04 & 05, Bldg. 63, Nishi-Waseda Campus

2nd Jilin-Korea-Waseda Alliance Annual Symposium

date: Feb 10th, 2012
place: Conference Room 04, 05, Bldg. 63, Nishi-Waseda Campus

The 6th Global COE International Symposium

date: December 9th (Fri), 10th (Sat), 11th (Sun), 2011
place: Conference Room 01-05, Bldg. 63, Nishi-Waseda Campus

Joint Symposium between the University of Bonn and Waseda University

date: December 5th (Mon)-7th (Wed), 2011
place: The University of Bonn

2011 Presentations and Debates for Young Researchers

date: November 18th (Fri) - 19th (Sat), 2011
place: Shinjuku Washington Hotel

1st CSJ Chemistry Festa

date: November 13th (Sun) - 15th (Tue), 2011
place: Okuma Auditorium, Okuma Small Auditorium, and Ono Memorial Hall, Waseda University

Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology (GIST) Joint Symposium

date: November 12th (Sat), 2011
place: Waseda University (Nishi-Waseda Campus, Bldg. #63, Room 04)

Review Lecture of Practical English Courses at the University of Michigan

date: November 12th (Sat), 2011
place: Conference Room, Shillman Hall, Bldg. 66, Nishi-waseda Campus

The 3rd NIMS(MANA)- Waseda International Symposium

date: November 1st (Tue), 2011
place: Conference Room 121, Bldg. 120-4, Waseda Campus

The Seventh Congress of the International Society for Theoretical Chemical Physics (ISTCP-VII)

date: September 2-8th, 2011
place: International Conference Center & Okuma Auditorium, Waseda University

2011 Intensive Practical English Course at the University of Michigan

date: July 30th (Sat) - August 7th (Sun), 2011
place: University of Michigan

Intermediate Practical English Course : Technical Writing

date: July 9th (Sat), 2011
place: Shillman Hall, Bldg. #66, Nishi-Waseda Campus

2011 Korea-Waseda-Jilin Alliance Annual Symposium

date: June 17th (Fri)- 18th (Sat), 2011
place: Korea University

The 11th GSC Symposium

date: Jun 2-3rd, 2011
place: International Conference Center, Waseda University

2011 International Symposium on Molecular Systems

date: May 9th (Mon) - 11th (Wed), 2011
place: The Luigans