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June, 2013
 Now over 500 course movies are available on iTunes U.

Video streaming is available in "Asia Seminar".
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Welcome to Waseda University OpenCourseWare

 Waseda University was founded in 1882 by Shigenobu Okuma and has its missions to uphold the independence of learning, to promote the practical utilization of knowledge, and to foster good citizens. Over the past 120 years, we have continued to develop an innovative educational system for higher education and have striven to realize a study environment open for everyone. In close cooperation with Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), we have now developed Waseda University's OpenCourseWare in order to assist in building a basis for the worldwide educational network by OCW. Waseda OpenCourseWare is linked to our electronic lecture information search system where information on the syllabus for the current courses is available. Course materials have been published by our faculty members who agree with the concept of OCW through the system.
We are still in the process of developing our Waseda OpenCourseWare site that the limited number of course materials is available at present. Please look forward to our development in the future. On our website, we have also made available databases including the archive of The Library, The Tsubouchi Memorial Theatre Museum, Aizu Museum and you can also find various seminar contents released by the Organization for Asian Studies of Waseda University.
Former President of Waseda Katsuhiko Shirai
 We are living in a world where drastic changes are taking place on a global scale. In these times, higher education will play an even greater role. Here at Waseda University, we have been actively engaged in creating an innovative education system to provide essential, quality research and learning opportunities. We will endeavor to become a leading and respected university in Asia and promote Symbiotic Creation of Knowledge in the Asia-Pacific region by extending our affiliations.