TARGET issues Peace Building & International CooperationVOICE of Alumni Shintaro SHINGUCHI (2014 Japanese Program Graduate)Assistant AdministratorUnited Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) ideal CAREERS Deployment of the Inter-national Security Assis-tance Force to ensure that voters in Afghanistan have a safe voting environmentEligible women voters lin-ing up to vote in the Con-stituent Assembly election in Nepal■Sample course list・International Cooperation・Japan and Peacebuilding: Asian Policies・Development Assistance by Japan: ODA and NGOs・Japan in the Age of Globalization・International Development and Cooperation: Field Work Practice・Postwar Japan-US RelationsAPPROACH to Study Urgent issues such as peace, development, human rights, and environmental concerns are issues that the international communi-ty faces every day. These issues also tran-scend national boundaries which make it impossible for one country to resolve these issues alone. Therefore, although there are diverse actors individually trying to address these problems, as well as individuals who are using federal or local governments, in-ternational organizations such as the Unit-ed Nations, regional organizations, domes-tic and international NGOs, and social net-works to work on these issues, it is only when we come together and work in coop-eration that these issues will be resolved.Peace, development, human rights, and the environment are global public resourc-es. It is because of a peaceful society, that we are able to live our everyday lives. It is also because of our steady source of in-come, secure working conditions, the avail-ability of safe residential space, that we can live our lives so peacefully. Then, how can we enjoy such global resources without giving something back? This is why inter-national cooperation between diverse so-cial actors is necessary because it ensures the continuation of our peaceful everyday lives. The “Peace Building and International Co-operation” field is where you master the ability to connect and build cooperation between disparate social actors in order to resolve the various social issues existing in global society.First, it is important to understand the real-ity of global society. In order to gain such basic understanding, the TAISI program provides students with an interdisciplinary approach and a theoretical analysis frame-work on the sources of conict such as reli-gious differences, racial discrimination, in-come disparity, environmental degrada-tion, unequal distribution of natural re-sources and so on.Next, students engage in fieldwork that increases their ability to nd creative and imaginative solutions to current issues. So through fieldwork and the collaboration of diverse actors, we hope students will know how to create effective and feasible solutions to global issues.These two learning methods, the under-standing of desktop theory and applied field work, is the basis of this program’s curriculum. Students who choose this field are suited for a career in international aid or govern-mental aid programs aimed towards pro-moting international cooperation, journal-ism that focuses on the various issues that the international community faces, federal or local government-sponsored interna-tional exchange institutions, or multina-tional companies. Of course, we also hope that some students will choose to continue onto graduate school and accumulate more experience in society before starting on the road towards becoming a member of an international organization or NGO which focuses on Conict Resolution and Peacebuilding.The eld study trip with Professor Yamada was the greatest impe-tus for my strong desire to work in the eld of peace building. At the SSS, I learned to consider a problem from multiple perspec-tives thanks to its interdisciplinary curriculum. I was also able to develop a more international mindset through my experience studying and conducting research alongside international SSS stu-dents and this enabled me to obtain the ability and intuition nec-essary to tackle issues with people of various nationalities.FIELD 02:PEACE BUILDING & INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION8

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