TARGET issues Community & Social DevelopmentStriving to promote sustainable community and social development on a global level is a hope we share for the future. The Sus-tainable Development Goals (SDGs) promot-ed by the UN is connected to our awareness of the issues. Liberating communities from the impact of devastating natural (earth-quakes, tsunami, typhoon) and man-made disasters (social, economic, and environ-mental issues, terrorism, civil war) and its lasting effects is a major issue all over the world. Japan and the Asian-Pacic region have overcome various hardships such as an inux of natural disasters, as well as the ef-fects of colonialism, political unrest, poverty, and violence. Such experiences should be shared and then transmitted to the world.We should overcome the memories of the past, calm our feelings of anger and resent-ment caused by social issues, restore stabili-ty to civilized political order, revitalize re-gional economies, protect the bountifulness of the land and sea, and make the construc-tion of inclusive and strong residences a re-ality.In order to achieve all this, we must expand and strengthen civil society, reform commu-nities and collaborative social systems, con-struct social capacity starting from the legis-lative system, and contribute to society by generating new ideas through social inno-vation. Learning to acquire the driving force to make such goals a reality is the theme of this eld.APPROACH to Study ■Sample course list・Urban History of Tokyo・Theory of Community Development・Urban Environment for Children・Urban Studies・Social Design・Introduction to Rural DevelopmentWaseda University was the rst in Japan to offer a program in Community Develop-ment. Utilizing the university’s reputation for being a pioneer school, we provide a fullling educational environment that col-laborates with society.First, students will develop a high global awareness of social, economic, and envi-ronmental issues as well as an ethical sense of responsibility towards alleviating the inequality and disparity that exists in third world countries and other develop-ing nations. Students will also acquire the insight to understand and be sensitive to global changes, develop critical thinking skills to dissect existing materials and media discourses, study research methodol-ogies through eld work, and learn statis-tical methods. They will also learn to de-velop new social conceptual skills, particu-larly the skill to plan ahead and to make goals a reality, as well as the facilitation skills needed to run workshops or make important decisions. Such skills are essen-tial in future policy leaders.We will also encourage students to partici-pate in the various SSS-afliated domestic and overseas internships and study abroad program that we have to offer. Accumulat-ing experience in communicating with people from various walks of life, languag-es, and cultures trains students to push their goals without becoming discouraged by opposition or misunderstanding. Stu-dents will also polish their writing skills through eld reports which will lead to the successful completion of their Capstone Project. This field will also prepare stu-dents wishing to pursue graduate studies in Community and Social Development. ideal CAREERS Study in this eld will lead to careers in domestic or international NGOs, public services, government, education, human resources development, regional development, social-capital maintenance, nances, international organizations, think tanks, or consul-tation rms where students can gain practical ex-perience. Students who have chosen to pursue graduate studies to further develop their skills, can expect to become specialist in their eld and nd jobs as program coordinators, fundraising manag-ers, urban and regional development planners, pol-icy advisors, project ofcers, or energy managers.VOICE of Alumni In my seminar, I conducted fieldwork and on-site group research projects in revitalizing areas and was able to de-velop my personal study theme from that experience. That is how I learned the basis of becoming an urban planner who works to create solutions. Through my en-counters with multi-talented people, I ask myself if I am doing my best in whatever position or community I am in-volved in and realize that my time in SSS is irreplaceable.Yuta YAMANAKA (2009 Japanese Program Graduate)Board member/Executive managerCo-creation center for regionCitizens deliberate at a meet-ing at the “Casaco” global learning center which is a col-laborative effort between the local community and NPO. This project would later win an award from the City Planning Institute of Japan. (Image cour-tesy of Yokohama city, Kanaga-wa Prefecture)Hoshi no Tani Danchi Apartment Complex in Zama city, Kanagawa Prefecture. An old apartment complex was redesigned to contain community gardens, parks, and a child care facility on the premises. The goal was to cre-ate a living space where people can live com-fortably surrounded by nature. (Image courte-sy of blue studio)FIELD 01:COMMUNITY & SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT6

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