Community & Social DevelopmentPeace Building & International CooperationEconomic & Environmental SustainabilitySocial Organizations & WorkingInterdisciplinary Studies in Social InnovationJapanese Language StudyFoundations in Social SciencesCurriculumTAISI promotes interdisciplinary education by provid-ing a curriculum that encompasses all the different areas of the Social Sciences. To start with, students can combine courses from any of the Four Fields based on their interests and progressively move on to focus on a specic eld to complete a Capstone Proj-ect.We also promote internationalization by actively en-couraging our international students to study abroad or take courses with local students enrolled in our Japanese-based degree program.Message from Faculty1st year2nd year3rd year4th yearSenior SeminarJunior SeminarSophomore SeminarFreshman SeminarSeminarCapstone ProjectIntroductionField Issues PracticumOther coursesWaseda University offers a large number of courses that are open to all students regardless of their major or year in school and are free to register and take courses from other undergraduate schools and centers.Study Abroad and InternshipsStudents can choose to study abroad at one of our University’s partner universities and institutions. Students will also have the opportunity to participate in Internship programs introduced by the School of Social Sci-ences or the Career Center.Dr. Mieko NAKABAYASHI, who is a professor of the School of Social Sciences, specializes in international public policy, political science, and politics in the Unit-ed States and Japan. She received her Master’s degree in Political Science at Washington State University and her doctorate in International Public Policy from Osaka University. She also served as an elected mem-ber of Japan’s House of Representatives from 2009 to 2012 and as a professional staff of the U.S. Senate Budget Committee between 1993 and 2002. Her pub-lications include How to Describe President Trump? (2018), President Trump and Congress (2017) and the best-selling book, Simple Habits of Globally Competi-tive Professional Women (2012) among others.Mieko NAKABAYASHICURRICULUM3

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