Fieldwork-focused, “Practical” approach to social issues focusing on fieldsStudents in the TAISI Program will not only gain general knowledge in the social sciences, but also practical and specialized knowledge through fieldwork and theoretical courses in the Four Fields:TAISI ProgramEnglish-based Undergraduate Program in School of Social SciencesOverviewThe aim of the Transnational and Interdisciplinary Studies in Social Innovation (TAISI) Program is to create “Social Innovators” and to train students to become leaders for social change. As the world continues to globalize and advance, it has become increasingly important that as citizens of the world, we need to not only approach global issues from an international perspective, but also discover and implement more effective, sustainable, and fair solutions to these issues.4Peace Building & International CooperationSocial Organizations & WorkingEconomic & Environmental SustainabilityCommunity & Social DevelopmentSeminars from Freshman Average Class Size for Seminars 20:1*Student / Faculty ratio60Accepting students per year2

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