Student's voiceMy decision to attend Waseda was a multifaceted one. Studying in a vastly different country with the caveat of learning a new language was not an idea that crossed my mind after n-ishing high school, to be frank. However, after working abroad in Asia for some time, I had grown to appreciate the unique challenges that came alongside experiencing a new culture. Waseda has provided me the same opportunities to continue my growth as a student and as a person. Especially within the TAISI program, the diverse student body creates an interest-ing atmosphere for discussion and intense debate. In addition, the small class size allows me to form much more personal friendships with my classmates than what you could nd in tra-ditional college settings. What I appreciate the most, however, is the attention and care that the professors share with their students.Diverse student body and close student-professor interaction creates an interesting academic atmosphereMURPHY, Mykel Kyle (US)Enrolled in Sept. 2018Graduated from Weeki Wachee High SchoolI have always had in an interest in Japanese culture and history, but Japan’s active NGO in-volvement in the development of my country further increased my interest in Japan. I choose the School of Social Sciences because I wanted comprehensive knowledge in the so-cial sciences and on Japan’s past and present. Timor-Leste is a young country that only be-came independent 14 years ago, so I believe that what I am learning from this program will not only be benecial to me, but also to my country. I plan to study and learn as much as I can so I can bring it back to my country and spread the ideas and concepts I learned to my people. This program has also provided me with another important lesson: how to make connections with people of different cultures, ideas, and languages. In the future, I hope to work with Japanese NGOs and become a eld leader in the development of my country.I believe that what I am learning from this program will not only be beneficial to me, but also to my country.Palmira Araujo Dos Santos (Timor-Leste)Enrolled in Sept. 2016 Graduated from 4 De Setembro SchoolComing from a developing country like Vietnam, I have always had a great interest in sustainable economic develop-ment and improving social, as well as environmental welfare. In TAISI Program, the School of Social Science, I was able to learn more about the on-going problems facing Japan and the Trans-Pacic region, including Vietnam, and brain-storming about how they can be solved with other business solutions, multicultural understanding, and international collaboration. Being in one of the most progressive academic programs I have taken part in, I am very grateful for the open discussion, active interaction provided by the faculty and the diverse student body from around the globe. You can also create meaningful connections with others, explore your boundaries and enjoy the limitless possibilities of things to observe and learn from. Joining TAISI was not only a life-changing event for me, but it also is a new door to one of the most exciting, yet very cultured and well-developed environments in the world. In the future, I hope I can utilize what I have learned from TAISI into empowering and supporting others to bring positive change to their society.Joining TAISI was not only a life-changing event but also a new door to limitless possibilitiesHO, Quynh Trang Thi (Vietnam)Enrolled in Sept. 2018Graduated from UWC ISAK JapanSTUDENT'S VOICE14

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