TARGET issues Social Organizations & WorkingWilliam HUANG (2015 former English program Graduate)Waseda Business School - MBA student (graduated in 2018) Peking University - International Politics (graduated in 2016)Teiron Dynamics Studio - CEO/Co-Founder(A technology company in the U.S. that focuses on research and development of tech products such as modular power bank, wireless charger, micro projector, etc.)CZN Capital – CEO(A venture support company that focuses on assisting technology startups with business plan composition, personnel recruitment, marketing expansion, and financing) message from PROFESSOR By establishing a business that creates a mutually beneficial relationship between producer and consumer, an equal rela-tionship between the two be-comes possible. In this way, the company was able to bring sustainable benefits to both Japan and Rwanda.■Sample course list・Social Business・Trans-Pacic Perspectives on Race, Ethnicity, and Migration・Trans-Pacic Perspectives on Work, Culture, and Society・The Japanese of the 20th Century : Work, Culture, and Society・Civil Society and the Role of Non-Prot Organizations ・Contemporary Social Affairsideal CAREERS In this eld, students will study new ways of conducting, thinking, and looking at business and the social activities that are the start of NGOs and volunteer activities. The worlds of business and social organiza-tions have undergone many drastic changes and will only continue to change signifi-cantly. Technological innovations such as robots and the internet have rapidly digi-talized the workplace and have not only changed the way we do business, but have also changed the daily lives of people all around the world.Aging population, global warming, and globalization are global trends and such trends are creating new social issues. Along with these issues, there is the state of cor-porations and the government, social secu-rity and education, employment and reve-nue, and work life balance to consider which all profoundly impact the way we live our lives. Embracing these drastic changes, we will learn and consider what should be done in business and social activi-ties from now on. We will be approaching this Field by keeping in mind current social issues and studying relevant case studies. We will also support one another into be-coming business and social activity leaders who aim to improve society.Graduates of this field will obtain new business and working methods and will promote such ideas to others. As such, we expect our graduates to thrive as entrepre-neurs or in business or social activities. The skills and mindset students learn here are necessary for careers in a diverse number of domestic and overseas industries such as private corporations, public organiza-tions, commercial, and non-profit organi-zations. Our graduates make it their mis-sion to improve society and will always strive to help those who are troubled or want to achieve something great in their lifetime. This will make our graduates wel-comed and respected everywhere.Professor Toru Shinoda:Since I was a high school student, I have al-ways thought about one question: How do we create a society of people who will work together, help each other during hard times, and share life’s happiness to-gether? It has been forty years since then and I have realized that as long as we have someone who can ponder such questions with our society will improve little by lit-tle. So I hope you will also become a com-panion to ponder over such questions with.VOICE of Alumni As a social science department alumnus and entrepreneur, the so-cial sciences provided me a diverse knowledge framework through its multiple elds of study, and a profound understanding of the role that business organizations play in shaping our society. These elements served as the bedrock know-how, motivation and values behind each of my entrepreneurial journeys. With the newly in-troduced curriculum “Social Innovations”, students who wish to enter the business world in the future will gain core knowledge of how business innovations can create social values, helping them tackle social issues more sustainably and effectively.FIELD 04:SOCIAL ORGANIZATIONS & WORKING12

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