FacultyDr. Yukimi SHIMODA is an associate professor of the School of Social Sciences and specializes in social business, cross-cultural work relationships, and mo-bility. She received her M.A. in Culture, Race, and Differences from the University of Sussex and Ph.D. in Anthropology and Sociology from the University of Western Australia. She worked as an internation-al development practitioner in Indonesia. As a re-searcher, she has rich eldwork experience in sever-al countries in Asia and Africa. She has published a monograph, chapters, articles, and book reviews.Yukimi SHIMODAProfessor Toru Shinoda joined the School of Social Sciences in 1998. He specializes in labor history and politics. He has re-cently completed a research project on “Changes in Welfare-employment Regime and their Impact on Group Politics in Japan” (2010-2013). He teaches Labor Journalism, Socio-dynamics, Social Gover-nance, Social History, and Popular Culture and Politics. Toru SHINODA*The social business mentioned above, Alizeti , was started by Tomoko NEZU who is a 2017 SSS Japanese program graduate.An example of a business that con-tributes to society. This company aims to alleviate Africa’s poverty by creating sustainable economic activities with local tailors.SOCIAL ORGANIZATIONS &WORKINGField 04With the advancement of technology and the globalization of society, the business world and the workplace has changed drastically. However, such advancements have also created new social issues such as labor migration, environmentally-damaging business ventures, and technological unemploy-ment. In this eld, students will discover and study new business methods that will not only reinvigo-rate the business world but will also improve society.A corner of Rwanda’s market which is lined with tailor shops. The number of tailors far outnumbers consumer demand which means such tailors also have few opportu-nities to improve their craft.In order to improve both the tailors’ reve-nue and skill, a company was launched to sell their work to Japan. As a result, work volume has increased and has also lead to skill improvement among Rwandan tailors.FIELD 04:SOCIAL ORGANIZATIONS & WORKING11

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