Students’ScheduleMONTUEWEDTHUFRISATPeriod 1 9:00▲10:30Introduction to MacroeconomicsPart Time JobIntroduction to Islamic CulturePart Time JobPeriod 210:40▲12:10Intensive Spanish ⅡIntensive Spanish ⅡIntensive Spanish ⅡPeriod 313:00▲14:30First Year Seminar APeriod 414:45▲16:15Contemporary Issues in the Islamic WorldContemporary Issues in the Islamic WorldPeriod 516:30▲18:00Political and Economic Situations in Southern African CountriesPeriod 6~Volunteer ActivitiesPart Time JobIt is important to choose the courses with your own view.I chose the courses placing importance on improvement in language skills and Concentration Program. In order to complete my Concentration in International Relations, I took a variety of courses. For my activities outside of school, I continued to work on an environmental volunteer group that I have been a part of since high school. In addition, I started to work part time at a hotel to learn manners and the ability to communicate better with others. SHIOBARA, EmiAdmitted in 2020 Graduate of Shoin Senior High School (Japan)MONTUEWEDTHUFRISATPeriod 1 9:00▲10:30Part Time JobPart Time JobPart Time JobPeriod 210:40▲12:10Period 313:00▲14:30The Constitution of JapanAnime: Art and IndustryBrain and CognitionPeriod 414:45▲16:15Japanese Literature after 1945Japanese Literature after 1945Period 516:30▲18:00Seminar on ExpressionUnderstanding Modern Fiction and CriticismUnderstanding Modern Fiction and CriticismPeriod 6~Circle(Music)Circle(Music)At SILS, it is possible to design a unique curriculum for myself from a wide range of academic elds.Taking full advantage of the school’s unique characteristic, which is “Liberal Arts Education”, and to broaden my knowledge in various subjects, I chose courses from different clusters and participated actively in the classes. In addition, in the academic study where I had the most interest in, I was able to gain a greater understanding through advanced seminars, lectures from the other faculties and the study abroad host institution. After school, I was able to put into practice what I had learnt in class in the educational support volunteer “circle” where I belonged and through the music “circle” where I interacted with friends who shared the same interests.*Circle = Extra-curricular activitiesHIRAI, RinaAdmitted in 2017 Graduate of Asahikawa Higashi High School (Japan)Timetable (2nd semester/SP1)POKHREL, BinodAdmitted in 2019Graduate of New Horizon English Boarding Higher Secondary School (Nepal)MONTUEWEDTHUFRISATPeriod 1 9:00▲10:30Kanji (For Nonnative Kanji Learners)Comprehensive Japanese Circle(Wyverns Cricket Club)Comprehensive Japanese Comprehensive Japanese Period 210:40▲12:10Circle(Wyverns Cricket Club)Period 313:00▲14:30Introduction to BusinessIntroductory StatisticsPeriod 414:45▲16:15English Academic WritingCircle(Wyverns Cricket Club)Period 516:30▲18:00Introduction to MacroeconomicsFirst Year Seminar BIntroduction to Peace and Human RightsPeriod 6~SILS encourages you to pursue your interests and dreams.Undeniably, the best part about SILS is that one can choose any classes based on their interests and time flexibility. During my first year, I took a comprehensive class 3 times a week and mainly focused on learning the Japanese language. The introductory classes from Economics, International Relations, and Natural Sciences helped me to explore my interests further and find my best fit. I am currently taking the intermediate courses on Economics and I plan to do Concentration on it. In addition to that, with effective time management, you can easily involve yourself in the student “circles”. Besides courses related to Japanese history, economics and politics, and Japanese friends in SILS’s classes, these student “circles” are great opportunities to immerse yourself in Japanese culture, tradition, lifestyle, and society.*Circle = Extra-curricular activitiesTimetable (2nd semester/SP2)Timetable (6th semester/SP1)7

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