■ Advanced Seminar■ Directed Studies for Senior ThesisSenior students of SILS, who have finished their job hunting or graduate school admissions, serve as career mentors. They also support junior students in planning their job hunting activities or preparation for matriculation to graduate schools.Previous events held by career mentors include:- Gatherings with seniors who have found employment- Seminars on job hunting strategies- Workshops on preparing resumes * Career mentors are volunteers. Events will vary yearly.d4thYearStudent Career SupportersFrom StudentA perfect place to explore yourselfHaving been away from school for some time due to military service and work, I enrolled in SILS seeking an opportunity to explore different disciplines and figure out where my passion lies. I rmly believe to have made the right choice; for someone with practically zero knowledge in any eld, a wide variety of courses at SILS was truly a great starting point in understanding the various aspects of our society and oneself. In addition to that breadth in its curriculum, SILS offers an extremely diverse and interactive environment in which people with varying backgrounds and goals intersect. Looking back, the many interactions I’ve had over the last 4 years have been just as important in developing an open-minded perspective, something that will surely be of great help in navigating my way through life.SILS is, without a doubt, a wonderful place to explore one’s possibilities both in and out of the classroom. If you are someone who believes in the value of such an experience, I can say with condence that it is the place you want to be in.LEE, SunyoonAdmitted in 2017Republic of KoreaStudents at SILS pursue a liberal arts curriculum which emphasizes the fostering of knowledge of various areas, gaining multidimensional perspectives, developing logical thinking and acquiring language skills. In addition, the school offers a wide variety of innovative programs and support for not only the students’ studies, but also in choosing and embarking on their future careers, wherever they are, in Japan or abroad.SGraduation5th Semester6th Semester7th Semester8th SemesterJob fairs are organized by the University and also by SILS. They are conducted not only in Japanese but in English as well. Moreover, SILS offers various internships, including overseas internships, which stimulate the minds of students towards working in the global society.ROAD▲ P.14*Optional for SP2Job Hunting5

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