■ First Year Seminar■ Other Foreign Languages■ Introductory Statistics■ Introductory Courses■ Intermediate Seminar■ Intermediate Courses■ Advanced Courses1stYear2ndYear3rYearFrom StudentPOPESCU, AriadnaAdmitted in 2020Graduate of “Carol I” National High School (Romania)4 years at SILEnrollment1st Semester2nd Semester3rd Semester4th Semester*Standard Model PlanNew incoming students are required to take the placement test* prior to enrolling in classes. This test is for assessing the language ability of the students to place them in the appropriate classes.*SP1 (students whose first language is Japanese): English Placement Test*SP2 (students whose first language is not Japanese): English Placement Test & Japanese Placement TestPlacement TestsSILS Sempai (the word for seniors in Japanese) Project is a student organization which provides support for freshmen and younger students at SILS. From course consultations and campus tours, to weekly lunch gatherings etc., this organization provides students with opportunities to build relationships with others and exchange information by creating a friendly atmosphere which enhances their time at SILS.SILS Sempai ProjectSTUDY ABSILS offers excellent education in a welcoming international environment where students can enjoy their university experience to the fullest.I chose SILS for its wide variety of courses, and also the fact that it provides students the opportunity to study many foreign languages. SILS students can, not only explore a wide range of fields, but also focus on a specific field which best fits their interests. Another attractive aspect of SILS is the fact that students can study as many foreign languages as they would like to. SILS is the best choice for students who value broad knowledge and mastery of foreign languages. At SILS, students can encounter an international environment, where fellow students are more than happy to learn about other cultures. Every student is respected and welcomed, regardless of their origins. During the pandemic, the school has proven that they can provide excellent education despite of the hardships. The professors and the school were cooperative and handled the situation well. As an international student, I felt welcomed and carried out my studies smoothly. My experience at SILS has been a wonderful one so far. I encourage anyone who is interested in exploring various fields to consider SILS. Also, SILS is the best choice for anyone who enjoys studying foreign languages, while also focusing on the study field that they are interested in.If you are interested in studying outside of Japan, you will have the opportunity to select study abroad programs from many partner institutions that are well aligned with your educational goals. Preparation will start from the first year, which will include making choices about the eld of study, language of instruction, and expenses, etc. Study abroad preparation courses are provided and your destination of study abroad will be decided based on the document screening and interviews. SP2 students may choose to stay at Waseda for all 4 years, taking seminars and lecture courses as well as university-wide open courses.* One-year study abroad is compulsory for SP1 students (students whose first language is Japanese).Preparation for Study Abroad (Optional for SP2)4

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